Tuesday, February 04, 2003

So funny…I just got out of physics lab (it was boringggg) and heard someone yell, “Yaaaaaaz!” Turned around, and there’s these 2 girls I tutored in calculus last quarter. So we had a nice little reunion. :) Somehow they ended up commenting on my weirdness, and one of ‘em said, “Yeah, you’re quite the individual, Yaz. What’s your AIM screen name? ‘WildChild01’?” Noooo, it isn’t actually. Hahah. But I just thought that was hilarious. By the way, this whole “Yaz” deal is funky these days. In case you didn’t know already, “Yaz” is my nickname. My name is really pronounced “yaas-MEEN” (and yes, I CAN be mean. lol), but non-ethnic people pronounce it “YAZ-min,” and so in high school, someone came up with the brilliant idea of calling me “Yaz,” and it stuck even after I started college. Which is cool. I don’t have any issues with that. But I’m accustomed to only really, really close friends calling me “Yaz,” and all of a sudden, everytime I turn around, some random person is calling me that. I’m like, Wait, who ARE you??! lol. The craziest part is, everytime my friends introduce me to someone, they’re like, “This is Yaz,” and I make a point of overriding that with, “Hi, I’m Yasmine,” but I guess once people hear “Yaz,” that just sticks with ‘em. So I have all these random people calling me “Yaz” these days. *siiiiigh* Lemme put it this way…Those of you who already call me “Yaz” are are doing so only because you have been granted the special privilege of doing so. But when you introduce me to someone else, please please PLEASE use my whole name! Verstehen Sie jetzt?? Es soll nicht so schwer zur verstehen sein. Ja Mann. Danke schoen. ;)

Speaking of tutoring, I had a calculus tutoring session on campus yesterday. Nice little freshman kid. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say ‘little.’ Everyone’s taller than ME. haha. But as a third-year, I keep thinking the freshman look so…so…LITTLE! He’s a nice kid though. Kept thanking me every 2 seconds. I was like, “Duuuuude, stop already!” haha. After that, I went off campus to tutor this one chica in geometry. Ummm…you know, I got an A+ in geometry in 9th grade, somehow. I still don’t quite understand how that happened. Especially since I used to suck at math in general back in the day, and now I totally get it. But anywayz, I need to review the geometry a bit, cuz of all those wack theorems that you need to know in order to prove crazy wack things like ‘why the length of AB=the length of BC, given that angleABC=angleXYZ and sides F and G are parallel’…or whatever. :) But the girl’s mom is soooo nice. She’s all intrigued by me. Hahaha. She told me I look younger than 21! She’s totally my hero now. For those of you who don’t get it…the age of my personality is 8 (some have averred that it’s more like 5, but that’s another story)…I actually tell people I’m 8 when they ask my age. It’s hecka fun. Yes, I know I’m a crackhead. But to continue…So the mom told me I look Italian or Greek. Duuude, I’ve looked at this face in the mirror everyday. I don’t think she’s quite right. But who knows, maybe I do look Italian or Greek! That would be majorly cool, no? lol. AND she paid me a whole month in advance already. I’m like, Whoaaaaa. PLUS, when I was leaving, she was allllll worried….she’s all, “Drive safely! And you know, if you ever feel tired or you’re just not feeling well or whatever, you’re welcome to stay the night here, you know.” Turns out her husband does business in Hong Kong, so he’s always gone and it’s just her and her 2 daughters. But I swear my jaw almost dropped. Cuz this woman has literally known me for a total of only 2 hours, and to have the magnanimity to make a generous and compassionate offer like that to someone who’s still a virtual stranger was just so…AMAZING, masha’Allah. You know, sometimes I get all bitter and cynical about people. But then, subhan’Allah, people just do or say the most wonderful things, and it gives me hope for our crazy world. :)