Thursday, October 23, 2003

don’t underestimate me (too much)

A: I'm all up for equality, but women don’t wanna be equal, they just wanna rule the world
Yasmine: Oh is that so?
A: uh huh. I mean, do you go to get your car's oil changed? Or does daddy do it for you?
A: Do you even pump gas in your car?
Yasmine: I check it regularly myself. But yeah, I have a mechanic change it every few months or so
Yasmine: And yes, I check tire pressure myself too
Yasmine: And pump gas all on my own, every two days
A: I don’t believe
Yasmine: And I check water and coolant levels while I’m at it
Yasmine: And power steering fluid too
A: What’s the coolant color?
A: And what’s the color of the steering fluid?
Yasmine: The coolant is green. The steering fluid is pinkish
Yasmine: The oil is black
Yasmine: The water is clear. Any other questions, smartass?
A: What about transmission fluid?
A: Or brake fluid?
Yasmine: Hmm, now that’s a very good question
Yasmine: I gotta admit, I don't recall that one at the moment. Tsk.
A: Gotcha!
A: To tell you the truth, when you said that, I actually spilled my coffee, ‘cause you still got 2 out of 3
Yasmine: I only got 2 out of 3?
Yasmine: What else did I miss?
A: Everything
Yasmine: No, I got 3 right...oil, coolant, power steering fluid
A: But I’m still completely bafffled, and speechless
Yasmine: Well good, it's about time you shut up and stopped gloating
A: Oh boy, you were really looking to score
A: But that doesn’t mean I can’t do anything you can’t
Yasmine: True perhaps
Yasmine: So what color ARE the transmission and brake fluids?
A: They're both pinkish too
Yasmine: Well thanks for letting me know
Yasmine: I’ll be more prepared the next time I’m quizzed. Ha
A: Hey, I gotta ask, what’s the tire pressure? Average
Yasmine: Good Lord
Yasmine: What is this, an inquisition?
Yasmine: I don’t know if you’ve managed to grasp this, but it IS 3 A.M., geez
Yasmine: And I’ve just finished most of my paper. What little brain I have is hurting already
A: Well I still can’t grasp that you know all that you know
Yasmine: Mind boggling
A: Very much so
A: Not to mention, you just confused the living daylights out of a guy
Yasmine: I know, that takes skills, huh?
Yasmine: What, that whole thing about checking oil just threw you way off guard?
A: The whole coolant color threw me off
Yasmine: Well I thought everyone knew coolant is green
A: Hey, I was waiting for you to stumble just so I could laugh
Yasmine: Looks like joke's on you, nerd-o
Yasmine: And you forget, I'm the commuter child extraordinaire, remember? That’s why I know all these things
A: So? My sisters commuted to school for years too, remember? And they still had me or dad pump gas for them
Yasmine: Ehh, they’re SUCH girls
A: Man, I still can’t believe you made me spill my coffee
A: Hold on, I gotta go get more