Tuesday, September 07, 2004

the economics of scale (and kids who are way too easily amused)

H: guess how much gas was at the gas station here tonight
Me: umm
Me: $1.95?
Me: $1.89?
H: nope
H: lower
H: try again
Me: $1.75
H: haha, i pumped around 1.79 at this same gas station this morning, but nope. try lower
Me: holy freakin smoley, man
Me: $1.70
H: try again
Me: $1.65
Me: $1.50
H: well, the one next to the gas station i pumped was 1.69 but the one i pumped at was lower tonight
H: try again
Me: this is killing me
Me: $1.45?

H: try 10 cents lower. $1.59
H: 1 freakin 59
H: okay thank you
H: finally, someone is showing me some enthusiasm
Me: wow that's so crazy
Me: hell yeah i'm enthusiastic
Me: this is GAS we're talking about!
H: i mean c'mon this is the biggest thing since like sliced bread and i've been like the only one who's been going on about it for like a day
Me: i live for this kind of stuff
Me: YEAH!!
Me: look, i even used double exclamation points
Me: obviously, this is a big deal
H: but on mace blvd there are 2 gas stations and they've been having price wars for the last 3 days as far back as i've noticed
H: 2 days ago the valero was 1.90 and the one next to it was 1.89
H: then yesterday they were both 1.85
H: then last night one was 1.89 and the other was 1.69, but this morning one was 1.89 and the other was 1.79
Me: where's the $1.59 one at?
Me: i'll be needing it on friday
H: then i drove by again tonight and the valero had dropped it to 1.59
H: and the one next to it was 1.69
H: that's a 20cent swing in 12 hrs
Me: that's soo crazy
Me: wow
Me: i love it
H: it's on mace blvd right across from nugget market. there are 2 side by side on the same corner
Me: gives me incentive to visit you guys more often now
Me: dude, i pumped gas this morning in cordelia for like $1.90 or something
Me: and here it's at $2.09
Me: i'm so jealous now
H: yeah its been fluctuating so much, i don't know what it's gonna be at tomorrow
H: but it seems to generally drop a lot in the evening
Me: hahaha well hopefully it'll just keep going down down down down
H: talk about economies of scale
Me: seriously
Me: i'm so excited, you don't even know
Me: okay well maybe YOU know though
Me: i'm excited someone else is excited about cheap gas too
Me: yeeuhh boyyee
H: for serious. i haven't been this excited since...hmm...i was 5? or something
Me: hahah
Me: yeah we're just way too cool
H: guess what
Me: what what?
H: i pumped gas at 1.59 haha
Me: you shut it
H: no, you know what's new?
H: did i tell you?
H: i pumped gas for 1.59/gal
H: okay okay
H: enough
Me: okay you can stop now, buddy
H: it just blows my mind away
Me: yeah really
H: i took a pic of the sign when it said 1.79 this morning, i wish i took one for the 1.59 or at least gotten a receipt

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