Friday, October 29, 2004

because i am the queen of fake updates.

I decided the other night that the SoBe NO FEAR drink is one of the better-tasting energy drinks out there. (Wouldn’t it be funny if that was the same day Yaser decided to try out the Monster drink?) And trust me, I should know, since I seemingly enjoy torturing myself by conducting taste analyses of various energy drinks, the taste analysis criteria being based on two standards: Nasty and Bearable. SoBe is bearable. Everything else is nasty. The end.

Today's commercial advertisement has been brought to you by:

- One week
- Two midterm exams
- One paper
- Zero hours spent on AIM
- Two forums/workshops
- Twenty-seven unread emails
- Almost zero time spent with the coolest sister in the whole world
- Way too many reaction papers
- Two books I did not read for the respective midterms
- Not enough sleep
- Zero weblog posts
Yeah, so I missed all you crazy nerd children. I was browsing through my archives this morning and decided all my meaningful posts were last fall/winter. What IS that. I’ll be trying to remedy that soon. Meanwhile, Somayya bought me a new pair of pants. Black, of course. How many does that make now? Five or so, I think. Clearly, I need to INVEST in a new color scheme. Not pink, even though my new goal is to learn to like to wear pink.

Okay, enough girly-ness. Back to the paper-writing. Non-fake updates coming soon to a weblog near you. The end.