Saturday, November 11, 2006

Take a breath, feel the beat in the rhythm of my steps

My (one and only) sell-out t-shirt
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[Three beautiful things from October 15, 2006]

- Wearing my favorite red t-shirt - I call it my "sell-out" shirt - and realizing it still smells like the Clinique perfume I spritzed on at Macy's, four days ago. [The shirt reads "Coca-Cola" in Urdu/Arabic script, read right to left.] I have to smile whenever I see the above photo, which taken in San Francisco last July while I was lunching with college friends who are always so delighted to see me that I am constantly humbled when I think of how lucky I am to know such rockstars.

- Asking T how to correctly pronounce the following words:

- diocese
- ecumenical
- liturgy
- licentiate
and having him deadpan, "You're asking the wrong person. I'm a fob."

- Renewing my flickrPro account, two days before expiration. That means yet more photos for you to enjoy on the days when I'm too lazy to write. Which has lately been a lot of days, seemingly. Anyone else missing the long, long posts I was infamous for? Yeah, me, too.