Thursday, February 06, 2003

so today was like THE most unproductive day ever. But it's all my own fault for having vampire-ish tendencies and heading off to bed at 5 a.m. :-p I was supposed to wake up at 8, but instead shot upright in bed in a major panic at 12 noon. Yeahhhh, it was a great feeling, knowing i had slept half the day away. *siiigh* Good thing i don't have classes at all on Thursdays. But stilllll...!! I was planning on doing some major studying today, cuz i have 2 midterms on Monday and another 2 on Tuesday. To all those 2 people or however many that visit this random ramble of a lotsa du'as for me, PLEEEEASE! :) So anywayz, it was a majorly unproductive day... My little sister was 2 hours late to school since we all overslept and ignored the alarm (she woke me up on her way out, but i fell asleep again. lol). And we forgot to take the garbage out last night, so the garbage trucks bypassed our house this morning during the weekly garbage pick-up. Our mama would be so scandalized if she knew...when she's here, the household runs like clockwork. WE, on the other hand, are mellow (read: lazy), so we just kinda go with the flow and forget to do a lotta things. lol.

The worst thing was, it's Thursday today, so i was supposed to go to the daycare and read to the little kids! I was supposed to be there at 9.30 though, so waking up at noon meant that was out of the question. Dammit, i feel stupid and flaky...i let my cute little kids down! Just shoot me and put me out of this guilt trip misery. *sniffle* Anywayz, for y'all that are confused...for the past 2 years (since November 2000), i've been volunteering at this one local daycare. The "Stories To Go" program, part of our county library system, sends volunteers to selective pre-schools and daycares all over the county to read to the little kids there. Basically, i check out a stack of kids' books from the library, and then once a week i go to this one daycare and read out loud to the kids...if i'm on break, i usually go twice a week. It's soooooo amazingly fun though! Obviously I'm sure you all know that little kids have hecka short attention spans, so story-time only lasts like 1/2 hour or so. So after that, I just chill and hang out with the cute little kids before i head up to school. OMG, it's SO FUN! Seriously...there's nothing that compares with finger-painting or drawing crayon pictures or molding random objects with play-dough or marking your handprint with a paint color of your choice (RED!) on a piece of construction paper and getting it laminated for your mama in terms of the fun factor (and yes, i've done all that and more. haha). :-D If i weren't such a little kid already, the daycare volunteering deal would definitely bring out my 5-year-old side. :-D Btw, the little kids all seem to have issues pronouncing my name the right way, and they're so adorable that i've forgiven them long ago and gotten over it. Which means they're the ONLY people in the whole wide world who are allowed to call me "Jasmin" and get away with it. That doesn't go for the rest of you though, so don't EVEN try it, unless you want to get hurt! (yeah, -=§hÊ=-, that goes for you too! i saw that evil little comment you left me! ;) hahahah)

so thennnn...what else... i went to the mall earlier and bought myself some formal-ish black pants. I think I bought them for Eid. But I'm not sure. It was a kinda random idea, cuz i figured i'd wear 'em for Eid, but i don't have anything else to wear with it. I was gonna sew a kameez out of this coooool length of fabric i bought, only i don't have any time now cuz of my stupid midterms that are like 1-2 days before Eid. lol. :-p But it's ok, cuz I'm still majorly in love with my new black pants though!! The Yaz is majorly in love with EVERYTHING. Except for guys, of course. Guys are a no-no. ;) hahahaha. Seriously though, i've never really met a guy that i could say i was in love with. It's all good though...i doubt i'm really missing out. Relationships and all that crazy stuff are just wayyy too much soap opera drama stuff for me to handle. I'd rather kick back and relax, go with the flow...i figure Allah will provide me with Mr. Perfect (NOT Aladdin!) one of these years, insha'Allah. But yeah, all that crazy love stuff is just unnecessary drama for the Yaz. It's funny, cuz earlier my sister randomly goes, "You know, you're so lucky you don't like people!" I, being out of it as i usually am, didn't get it at first...i was like, "Whaaaat?? i DO like people! i like everyone!" hahaha. She's like, "Noooo, i mean you're lucky you don't have crushes on guys and all that stuff. Your life is so much easier!" Duh. :-D Guys are drama. :-D Pleeease, restrain yourselves from sending hateful comments my way now. lol.