Thursday, April 03, 2003

Don't be looking for humor here today, yo. I'm hella pissed off at the moment, and I'm definitely NOT funny when I'm pissed off. Just warning you. If you can't handle that, go away already.

I was going to make an amused comment about my #1 fan Sana, and how she's been madly lamenting my absence on the tagboards and comment boxes lately, and I actually had a few funny things from today to post about as well, but now I'm way too freakin bitter to blog about my day, dammit.

I got home this evening and actually decided to sign onto AIM for the first time in almost a month. I'm an AIM addict, but I cut down on it around finals week last quarter, and then somehow I could never find the time to get back into the swing of things. Too busy with classes and errands during the day, and I've been neglecting my vampire tendencies for weeks as well, since I've actually been sleeping at night instead of pulling random all-nighters spent talking online. Good for me, yes.

So how come I attempt to sign onto AIM, and this little box pops up with the nightmare message, "Suspended account." I click on the "more info" button and this stupid page loads, telling me that my screen name has been suspended or cancelled. wtf, man. AIM is FREE, helloooo. Screen names are not supposed to be suspended. What the hell is wrong with this deal?? And it's not like I got my password wrong or something. I know I typed in the right one. But my screen name and everything related to it is gone. Just like that. So there goes my buddy list with the 170+ screen names. Too bad I didn't save it on my computer. Grrr... So now I have to creatively think up a brand-new screen name, and start my buddy list over from scratch too. Damn you, stupid AOL. I freakin hate you right now.

One stupid surprise was bad enough, but, still, I could have handled ONE. But it doesn't end there. So I've had this one Hotmail email account for several years, but about a year ago it ran out of space, so I deleted all the unnecessary emails and kept using the account until it was impossible to send or receive any more emails without deleting the emails I wanted to save. So I gave up on Hotmail and switched over to Yahoo instead, and I now use the latter as my primary email account, but Hotmail is the one with some of my most important and meaningful emails, and I periodically sign into it to check up on stuff. So today I attempt to sign in, and...guess what? Stupidass window pops up, telling me that because I hadn't signed into Hotmail for at least 30 days, all my emails and folders have been deleted. And guess what else? I can reactivate the account itself, but can't retrieve any of my old emails. They're all gone. For ever. Damn damn damn!! If I had wanted my emails deleted, I could have freakin done that myself, thank you very much. Instead, I saved selective emails because they were from special people in my life and I found them meaningful and significant enough to keep. Those were years worth of noteworthy emails from family and close friends that meant something to me. You stupid fucked up, freak of nature Hotmail...I hate you and your damn "sign in within 30 days" policies. Damn you, too. I'm more pissed off about this than about the AIM deal. That I could handle. This makes me wanna cry. Or throw something. Preferably at the damn computer, but I know that's not going to do jack.

Sorry, this is not a typical post. Welcome to the real Yaz. Have you guys never seen me pissed off before?? How ever did you all manage to miss out on that, is the question, considering the fact that I have a short temper and zero patience. :-p I apologize for subjecting you to my stupid profanity too...something I gave up on a long while back. But right now i'm sooo unbelievably pissed off. Maybe tomorrow I'll come back and edit all the expletives out of here, but for now they're making me feel good. So deal with it. This is my blog. So there.

I'm going to go to sleep, because I'm too pissed off to do anything more productive.

And, Sana, I still love you.