Friday, April 04, 2003

Salaaaaaams, everyone! :) ok, as y'all can see, I'm in a MUCH better mood today, so if you missed out on my pissed-off schizophrenic post down below, don't bother; you didn't miss much. Heh. Let's just put it this way: I have multiple personalities, and so far y'all have had the dubious honor of seeing only my nice side. I wasn't feeling very nice last night though. But that's what this blog is good for...Venting purposes. In my view, at least.

Nine hours of unbroken sleep can do wonders for the Yaz's temper though. I woke up this morning in an ambivalent mood about whether I should continue to be pissed off, or chill out and just get over it. I was still leaning towards annoyance, but then, just before leaving home, I happened to read DeGrouchyOwl's latest post about Pakistani drivers and shoe launchers and car tazers, and the matter was decided for me, because I almost fell off my chair laughing. Sister, you so brightened up my day, just when I needed it! Anyone in need of a laugh, go read that post right now. Heck, go read it anywayz. It's hilarious. ;) And Jazak'Allah to everyone who took a risk on reading my post from last night and majorly cheered me up with their comments instead of covering their ears and running away! :):) Shoot, I wouldn't have blamed you for running away. It's scarier when you see me pissed off in real life though. Ask Shereen and Somayya. I have a tendency to traumatize people, cuz everyone always thinks I'm such a nice, easy-going child, and then I get all mad and it kills their theory. lol. Ah wells.

BTW, Usman bro, your advice and violent tendencies are hilarious, but you really shouldn't be encouraging me to punch people in the nose, man. Little do you know, I have already completely mastered the art of violence. The last time I tried your method, I was about 10 years old and broke my brother's nose. He's two years younger than me, so that makes me a self-proclaimed bully (hey, at least I admit it). Needless to say, my parents were not amused. :-D:-D And I'm tellin you, my relatives are never going to let me live that event down, ever. :-p

I think Sahar is on a roll. Everyone's favorite HTML child has come up with an ingenius gift for everyone. Go check out her latest post too, if you haven't already. I love you, Sahar. You made my day too! :) And I like Shereen's idea: Anyone wanna help me come up with a new, creative AIM screen name? I'm warning you though...Don't get offended if y'all rack your brains to think of something cool, and I smile and nod and agree and then just go ahead and do my own thing. Taking advice and listening to other people's opinions about something that involves me isn't one of my strong points. lol. But I'll still appreciate the help!

I left my cell phone at home today. I was driving up to school and thought I heard it ring, but just when I reached out my hand towards my bag to feel around for my phone, I remembered I left it on my dresser at home. It's ok though. Sometimes it feels nice to be unreachable. Even when I have it with me, it's on "silent" most of the time. But it still gives me a feeling of security to have my cell phone with me while I'm out on the road. So the Yaz shall just have to drive a bit slower and calmer than her usual practice on her way home tonight. :-D

Sooooo...crazy first week with the school, yo. It's weird, usually I start out every quarter with brand new classes, feeling all excited and on top of things and looking forward to everything. Somehow this quarter has been the opposite so far. It's only Friday afternoon, and I'm already feeling stressed to the max. I started out with three human development classes, an anthro class, and a religious studies class. Over the course of the past week, I dropped one of the HDE classes, dropped the anthro class and added another one, added and then dropped a neurobiology class, and changed my discussion section for the new anthro class. I think I've bought all the textbooks I need, but I'm not quite sure, because all these schedule changes have got me all confused these days. Welcome to my life as a university student. :-p Shoot, I miss kindergarten, man. My most mind-boggling dilemnas back then were, Which color crayon should I use? And, Does paste taste good? Let's try it! And, Who should I pick to play tetherball with me during recess today?

My HDE 100C professor is hilarious. I'd call her ditzy to the max, only she's a young PhD candidate. But she giggles a lot, and gets confused sometimes, yet she's so charming and self-deprecating that you can't help but laugh right along with her. She also talks really, really fast, almost stumbling over her own words sometimes. Now THAT I have issues with. It's a 200-people lecture hall, and even though she uses a microphone and I sit in the 3rd row, it gets funky sometimes. The first day, I kept thinking she was talking about AIDS and teas, and I was like, Whaaaaat? Where is this going, yo? Then I finally realized she was discussing age and keys, and I was like, Ohhhhhh. LOL!! Her enunciation is all off, and I'm telling you, there are tons of words and phrases out there that sound similar, leading to confusing situations for me. For example, my friend Amber once exclaimed, "Look at the sky, Yazzie!" And I was like, "This guy? What guy??" Hilarious.

My anthro TA is pretty amusing too. He says his memory sucks, so on our first day of discussion, he went around the room and had everyone state three true and one false facts about themselves, and the rest of the class had to guess which one of the 4 was false. And he was jotting it all away so that he could remember who was who. lol. Anywayz, when my turn came, I was all, "My name is Yasmine. I weighed one pound at birth, I'm an international exchange student, I live in the Bay Area, and I have hearing loss." Everyone narrowed their eyes and scrutinized my face, and this is how it went:

-You don't live in the Bay Area.
-Actually, I do.

-You don't have hearing loss.
-I do.

-You didn't weigh one pound when you were born.
-Actually, I did.

And then they kinda gave up or something, so I started laughing and helped them out: "By default then, that means I'm NOT an international exchange student." Everyone was like, "Ohhhh...." Hecka funny, yo.

Did I tell you, Somayya and I have all our classes together. It's so fun, man. Watch out, world, here come the crackhead children! :-D