Saturday, June 21, 2003

almost last day of freeeeeedom!

Man, my break flew along sooo fast, and I seriously don't even know where the week went. The day after tomorrow is Monday, and I've just realized that I have a class at 8 a.m. How the heck do I manage to get myself into these 8 a.m. classes, is what I want to know. Hooray for early morning commutes. *sigh* Ehh, 's all good though. I shall survive, insha'Allah. Funny, everyone and their mama keeps asking me what my summer plans are, and after I run through my boring spiel of summer courses, they stare at me in disbelief, jaws dropping in shock, and sputter, "Yaz, for FUN??" Honestly, I really don't know why I'm bothering with summer courses, except that I know I'll be bored out of my mind otherwise. The "otherwise" scenario being, Ummy will nag me to clean my room and help wash dishes, and Daddy will nag me to organize his filing cabinets and find random paperwork (oh, and pull weeds or water the garden or something), and I'll pull my hair out in aggravation and snap at everyone and make sarcastic comments that no one will find amusing. So trust me, it's much better this way, yo. Summer school for life! Uhh, well, okay, for one more year, at least. I haven't even taken a summer off since I started college. The summer after high school, I visited Pakistan with my dad for a mere two weeks, and that was it. Fall quarter classes at my university don't start til the last week of September, so as soon as the Pakistan trip was over I literally had nothing to do. Sitting around bored out of my mind for over three months traumatized me for life, I guess, which is why I, the self-proclaimed laziest child in the world, would prefer to go insane through (productive) schoolwork rather than through (unproductive) boredom.

The most productive thing I've done today is turn on the sprinklers. Okay, stop laughing. It's a horribly mind-boggling tast, I'm telling ya. With a half-acre yard, there's a gajillion bajillion sprinklers out there. Heck, it's a sprinkler jungle out there. How the heck am I supposed to know which sprinkler switch corresponds to which part of the yard?? I'm just the professional weed-puller extraordinaire. Hence, operating the sprinklers is not my forte. And once I figured it all out, I was rewarded for my efforts by getting soaked head-to-toe. Where's the justice in that, yo? Good thing I figured it out, at least. Otherwise I can soo imagine my daddy-o broken-heartedly shaking his head, *tsk tsk'ing* sadly, and leading me outside to teach me brilliant sprinkler-operating techniques. Good stuff, man.

Yesterday, I watched Patch Adams for the first time (yes, I know I'm way behind the times). I really like this rebel child med student. More doctors like that would make the world a more compassionate place, insha'Allah. Anywayz, I loved the scene where he's disdainfully accused of engaging in "excessive happiness." The scornful, dismissive accusation totally made me crack up, but still... I mean, so what's wrong with excessive happiness, huh?

It sorta reminded me of when, almost a couple months ago, I was driving up to school and came across an interesting scene. While cars indifferently whizzed by in excess of 80 mph and their own sporty little vehicle sat on the freeway shoulder with its hood raised and smoke pouring out on the engine, a group of grinning young men stood at the side of freeway and coolly tossed a football back and forth. I couldn't help laughing, and their hilariously blasé attitude totally made my day. May we all, insha'Allah, be blessed with the grace, humor, and nonchalance to "play football" when stuff gets jacked up and things don't work out the way we want on the Road of Life.

Oh, and while you're chillin along the road, practice some "excessive happiness" while you're at it, will ya?