Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Blah, Blah, Blah

ok, I feel hecka guilty for updating, cuz I keep having paranoid thoughts like, Now everyone’s gonna start ignoring my last post and we’re not gonna make progress on this whole communal blog/website deal, and the whole thing’s gonna fall through? Don’t be all disappointing me now, peoples. Head on over to the Bloggin?Muslimz forum and add your thoughts and suggestions to this thread so that we can make some progress on stuff. If you’re not registered as a user on there, get to it already, yo! It’s easy. And no, it doesn’t require 539858 monthly payments of 9385098 gajillion dollars to be a registered user. That’s cuz it’s free! FREE, I tell ya! So get over there already. And I know a lot of you are registered already, so start using the forums, yo. Stop making me nag you. I hate it when people nag me. As a result, I hate nagging other peeps, too. Like you can’t tell, I’m sure. :-D

It’s funny, cuz DeGrouchyOwl commented in response to my last post, “Yaz, if you build it, we will come,?and that made me smile, just cuz of the level of support. The thing is, I’m one of those obsessive-compulsive people with perfectionist tendencies who usually has issues working in group settings just because I possess this it-won’t-be-perfect-unless-I-do-it-myself mentality. The problem in regards to the communal blog/website is that there is so much I don’t know (i.e. designing, html, blah blah blah), and so I can’t jump-start this all on my own as I’d like to. Therefore, if you have been gifted with cool skills related to website design, then take this as an open invitation to help out. Okay? Okay.

Not-so-exciting news of the day: Yesterday evening, when I was desperately in need of gas to get home, I figured out that I lost my ATM card. Very aggravating, especially since I'm the Commuter Child Extraordinaire, and I need to fill up my gas tank every 2-3 days. *sigh* Good thing that, for once in my life, I actually had cash on me. Anywayz, the last time I used my ATM card was last Thursday at a gas station in my hometown, so I stopped by this morning and asked about it, and the guy said he mailed it back to my bank the very next morning. Nice of him. So how come my darn bank didn't call me or mail my ATM card back to me, is what I want to know. What, they thought I didn't want it or something?? Hmmm, I don't think I need this ATM card anymore. Lemme just leave it right here at this nice gas station, and maybe someone else can find a better use for it... Riiiight. So I called my bank this morning and got the whole deal all straightened out, but during the next few days, until I receive my new card in the mail, I have to make due with getting cash back on my check purchases in order to have money to buy gas. What a process, yo. It's so annoying, because no matter how disorganized I may sometimes be, I never straight-out lose things. Unlike my friend Deval, who, after a panic-filled week of searching for her lost wallet, opened her refrigerator door one day and found it lying nonchalantly on the back shelf. Don't ask. I have absolutely nooo idea, yo.

Something a bit more exciting: Somayya informed me earlier today that our cousin's husband's niece (you still with me?) in England just got married to some dude named Kabir Ali, who happens to be a member of the English cricket team. I'm sure all you cricket fans out there are all excited to know that. Plus, y'all probably recognize the name. I certainly hope so, cuz I, for one, don't. lol. And because I don't know jack about cricket, thank you very much, I'll just mention the fact that the Summer 2000 edition of Asian Woman magazine named him as one of the 50 most eligible bachelors in Britain. Well gosh, how exciting for him. All I'm gonna say is, I am never, ever, ever going to marry a guy who happens to be a part-time model. So there.

So yesterday, I spent my morning volunteering at the preschool, as I usually do every Tuesday. The little kids are sooo cute, masha'Allah! It's sad, cuz I get all emotionally attached to all of them, and then every year a few of the older ones start preparing to move on to kindergarten, and I'm like, Nooo, don't leave me! Yesterday, a group of kids was all excited, because they were about to go on a "field trip" to a kindergarten classroom, and spend a hour or so touring the class and seeing how things are done over there. On their way out the door, they excitedly waved in unison and yelled, "Byyyyye, Jasmin, we're going to kindergarten now!" I felt like a mother when her little baby goes off on his/her first day of school. LOL.

Oh yeah, the preschoolers are the only people in the world who are allowed to call me "Jasmin," ok? Just wanted to straighten that one out. :) In case you're a confoozid child and still haven't figured it out, my name is really pronounced like this: yahs-MEEN. Thank you. :) Last week, one of the little preschool girls sat down next to me, passed me a sheet of construction paper and a crayon, and asked, "Can you write your name for me?" Just to confuse her, I wrote my name out in Urdu, and passed it back to her. She inspected it for a few moments, then gravely said, "That's a very pretty picture you made. But I think you need to learn your ABCs first, okay?" So I sat there struggling not to laugh hysterically while she filled me in on the ABCs. Hilarious.

Little boy: Jasmin, Jasmin! How do dinosaurs pay for stuff??
Me: Ummm, I don't know. How?
Little boy: With tyrannosaurus checks! Get it??!!
Little boy rolls on the floor laughing his head off, then runs around the room shouting, "Jasmin liked my joke!"

I met this nice lady at a luncheon thingie for the "Stories To Go" volunteers last week. She was born and raised in Toronto, and moved to the U.S. just before she got married. We were talking about Canada, and I mentioned that my daddy-o used to be a Canadian citizen (from 1975-1995, or so). She was like, "You might be a Canadian citizen, too, then!" Wow, I never thought of that. So I did some research. Turns out that, according to the Canadian citizenship and immigration website, since Feb. 1977, Canadians have been able to take foreign citizenship while still keeping their Candian citizenship intact. And I can claim dual citizenship if I was born outside Canada after Feb. 1977 to a Canadian parent. So if my dad has dual Candian/U.S. citizenship, then I do too? So many overlapping things. Makes me all confused, so I'm not totally sure if I'm considered a Canadian citizen. Seems like it though. Way awesome! I've always wanted to be Canadian, just so I could say, "Eh?" hahahaha.

What else, what else. Gosh, all my entries are sooo long. It's cuz I never have much time to post anymore, so when I do get the chance, I go all-out. I think I shall stop for today, even though I have a few other things to post about. So maybe I'll *gasp* post two days in a row! Whoaaa. Peace out, y'all!

(And don't forget to go add your thoughts and suggestions to this thread.) ;)