Sunday, April 20, 2003

Peace Is the Way to Go, Yo

As you can obviously see, I’ve added a couple cool buttons to my blog, but being the html-illiterate child that I am, I’m not exactly sure how to configure them so that when you scroll over the buttons, the corresponding url shows up (so that right-clicking on a button would lead you straight to its website). Heh. After a few fruitless attempts at fiddling around with the template and majorly screwing up my main blog page, I’ve given up. :-p So if y’all like the peace buttons, check out Not only can you upload some pretty-slick-lookin’ buttons to your site, but if you oppose the war in Iraq and use your weblog to express that viewpoint, then you can also add your own blog to the list of weblogs opposing the war. Currently, there are 988 blogs from 44 countries. Masha’Allah. :) The “Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up” button is from Jeff Gates’s site (which I somehow stumbled across), specifically from his post touching on the problems faced by some Americans as a result of speaking out against the war. As Mr. Gates explains, “The 30/70 refers to the polls which state that 30% of the public is against America’s involvement in the war in Iraq and 70% support it—numbers that are controversial in their own right.”

And if any of you technologically-competent children wanna help me figure out the whole adding-the-url-to-the-button-through-my-template deal, jazak’Allah in advance. :) Special shout-outs to sister Hafsa, who so kindly explained to me how to display images on my blog. :):)

Yo, loooong post coming up. Be prepared. Don't say I didn't warn ya. So if you strain your eyes out with reading my 40384028-paragraph-long posts, don't be blaming me then. :-D