Sunday, April 20, 2003

MBAs, Munchies, and Milk

I decided to be smart like a lot of you people out there and add titles to each of my posts, since all my posts look the same (being an average of 4938979 paragraphs long), and maybe a title will help y’all make sense of my rambles. Or maybe not. Let me know how it goes.

It’s been a pretty nice day, Alhamdu’lillah. Woke up past noon for one of the few times in my life, bummed around, deliberately refused to study AT ALL, signed onto AIM (yes, my screen name is working again, although my Hotmail emails are still forever gone. *sigh*) and spent a couple hours catching up with old friends, scarfed down some cookies and milk, even as my Ummy disapprovingly clicked her tongue and predicted I wouldn’t have an appetite for dinner. Proved her wrong, of course. Oh yeah, had an interesting exchange with Somayya, since my daddy-o was up in Sacramento today and has seemingly been engaging in some mighty interesting conversations with Somayya’s father (read: meddling in our lives):

Somayya: omg
Somayya: your dad and my dad had a discussion today about OUR careers
Somayya: not good, i tell ya
Me: and why am I not surprised, is the question
Somayya: your dad told my dad the process of going to med school and now my dad wants me to change my path
Me: what crazy men
Me: hahahaha
Somayya: so stupid, i tell you
Somayya: your dad wants you to get an MBA
Me: oh my God
Somayya: he said you'd make a better business person than a scientist
Me: LOL riiiiiiight

Thanks, Daddy. As if I don’t already have enough issues regarding my major and courses of study and career choices. Blah. Somayya told them off good though. Something quite blunt about how she didn’t appreciate the two of them planning out OUR careers for us. You go, girlie.

Oh my goodness, so I’m sitting here typing out this post, and my Daddy, being the telepathic guy that he is, just asks me out of the blue, “Yasminay, have you ever thought about a career in law?”
“Umm, not really,” I answer.
“You should seriously consider it,” he says. “You’re good at all this abstract stuff…writing and analyzing and public speaking. Very articulate. Lots of self-confidence. Maybe you should think about applying to law school at Berkeley after you get your undergraduate degree next year.”

Nooooo…! Just when I think I’ve got everything all figured out, people throw me curveballs. Argh.

What else… Went to the grocery store and, just to make my Ummy happy, actually bought everything that was on the list (actually, I always do that.). Had a craving for munchies, so I dropped a box of crackers and some cheese (thought of Beans) in the grocery cart as well. “Good cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows live in California. Real California Cheese. It’s the cheese!” Ever seen those ads? Drooled my way through the ice cream aisle, just for those of you who are OBSESSED with ice cream. Sorry, Usman, no Baskin Robbins…but there were some yummy-lookin' Dreyers flavors. And Godiva. And Ghirardelli. And yo, Somayya, did you know I discovered a whole, UNOPENED gallon of mint ‘n’ chip ice cream in my freezer this morning?? I was about to have it for breakfast (uhh yeah, breakfast at 1 p.m.), but my Ummy was not amused.

Speaking of grocery stores, I remember going grocery shopping with my dad when I was little, and being impressed because everyone at the store used to greet him by name. This evening, I went to the same grocery store, and everyone was like, “Heyyy, Yasmine! How’s it goin’?” Happens every time, actually. So cool. Never fails to amaze me. :)

The majorly weird part, though, was when I stood in line to pay, and the girl at the checkout aisle was so intent on quickly and efficiently scanning my groceries that she almost scanned the 6-pack of beer belonging to the guy behind me as part of my purchases. Quickly realizing her mistake, she set the 6-pack back down, and she and the guy both laughed. I ruefully joined in. The guy turned to me and asked in mock seriousness, “You sure you don’t want it?” I was like, uhhhhh, nooooo. Psshhhh. So anywayz, Sar says on my tagboard, “Yeah, Yaz, you are becoming a celebrity. I was in a grocery store and there was this flavoured milk called "YAZ." Now that is what I call REAL FAME. *wink*” Hahaha. That was soo cute. Reminds me of how a friend of mine used to say, "'Yaz' is the new 'yes.'" So everytime I'd ask him a question, he'd answer in the affirmative, "Yaz." But milk makes my world go ‘round, didja know? As chocolate addicts, we gotta have some good drink to wash all that sugar down, ya know. 2% low-fat all the way. Woohoo.

Ok, you know what, this is such a pointless post. I was actually going to talk about multiculturalism, but now I’ve made this whole boring “what-I-did-today” spiel way too long, and I still have tons of stuff to say about what I was REALLY going to post about. So I shall save that for tomorrow instead, insha’Allah. It’s ok though, because that means you won’t have to wait so long til my next post. It also means I get fewer harassing messages on my tagboard. So stay tuned, folks… Meanwhile, it’s past midnight, and that means…*dun dun dunnnn*…time for the Yaz to head off to bed, because she has halaqa early tomorrow morning.