Saturday, April 26, 2003

It's 3 a.m....Just Like in the Matchbox Twenty Song!

Hmm...don't even ask why I'm awake and alert at this psychotic hour. Crazy allnighters. *tsk tsk* It's like the Barenaked Ladies song: "Who needs sleep?/Well you're never gonna get it/Who needs sleep?/Tell me what's that for..." Story of my life, yo.

It's sooo cold. You know how the hard-drive for your PC has this vent thingie on the side? Well, warm air comes out of there, so I'm sitting here with one hand pressed against the vent. My left hand is nice and warm now, but my right hand (busy wielding the mouse) is suffering from hypothermia, I'm telling you. Hey, it's better than going across the house to the kitchen, just to warm up my hands at the toaster! (Although that's sounding pretty appealing right about now.)

All that talk about German reminded me (for some reason) of this one film we watched in German 5 during my senior year of high school. It was called "die Dame aus Amsterdam" (The Woman from Amsterdam), and it was a stupid movie. Hecka boring, with a funky spy plot. And a majorly scandalous subplot too. :-p It was one of those spy movies where they have car-chase scenes and everyone drives all psychotically and the bad guy tries to run the good guy off the road, but then the good guy wins in the end, of course. lol. okok...The point is, my friend Aaron and I used to laugh our heads off at the main car-chase scene in the movie, because it was so stupid...everyone was driving these hecka old VOLVOS, of all things. I mean, these were some majorly old, banged-up looking cars, which is fine, but VOLVOS?? omg. You can't have a car-chase scene with Volvos. It just doesn't work!! lol. I remember we were sitting there watching the movie, and the car-chase scene came on, and I just started laughing out of nowhere. And everyone was like, What the hell?? And the teacher was like, "Yasmina! Shhhh!" --> (Oh yeah, she called me "Yasmina" cuz of the "e" at the end of my name, and you know how in German, if you have an "e" at the end of a word, it's like an "a." Whatever. lol.) So anywayz, I was totally busting up, and the rest of the class was like, okayyyy. But then we kept watching the scene, and after a while, everyone else totally started to understand why the heck it was so damn funny too. So in the end, we were all hecka laughing, and our teacher's just standing there like, What did I do wrong?? lol. I swear, that movie was so weird. Aaron and I still laugh about it whenever we run into each other. I mean, it was such a bad movie that even now, three years later, we still have it all stuck in our heads. How damn annoying is THAT?? lol.

I had an awesome day hanging out with my homie Seher today, since she went up to campus with me. Can you believe we spent the whole hour driving up talking about FOOD?? Actually, yeah, I guess it's pretty plausible. :-D Yayyy for weird people! Seher has probably long forgotten the following story, but anything that easily amuses me is something I have a tendency to remember, so... Last summer, she, Somayya, Shereen, and I went down to San Jose for an Islamic talk or something at the masjid there. At the end, we were walking back to my car and having some crazy conversations as usual, and suddenly Seher stops in the middle of the street and turns to me all excitedly and goes, "You know what, Yaz?" I was like, "Umm no, Seher, what?" And she goes, "When we grow up and have kids, you and I should make sure they're close in age and that they grow up together!" I was like, "Hmmm, ok, why?" And she's all, "So then our kids can marry each other and all that weirdo blood can intermingle, and our grandkids can be THE WEIRDEST CHILDREN EVER!!" I was like, "COOL!!" hahaha. So Seher and I just stood there in the middle of the street and collapsed in laughter, and Shereen and Somayya were like, Omg, what freaks. haha. Somayya was all, "Ok, let's get this straight right now. YOUR CHILDREN are NEVER playing with my children! They will never be allowed anywhere NEAR my children!" And Seher and I were all, "Oh reallyyyy?? Muahahaha, just WATCH!!"

I think our rebel children will take over the world. It's gonna be great. hahah. I'm all excited about the idea of a worldwide takeover by the Weirdo Rebel Children. Life will be so cool. I only hope we're around to see it. The Revolutionary Rebels! hahah. Omg, am I really sounding high on crack? Cuz that's the way I'm feeling, for some reason. Must be these chocolate chip cookies I'm munching on. Want some? Come on over to Cali. lol.

okok, time for serious stuff: I have midterms this coming week and the next. Yay for me! (NOT.) So du'as from your end would be majorly welcomed and appreciated, as usual. :) If blogging becomes sporadic, I apologize. But I will not be held accountable for y'all going through future Yaz-withdrawals. :):)

My teeth are chattering. Gotta get back to sudying. Peace!

~YaZziE, tHe wEiRdO cHiLd WhO'S hAvInG iSsUeS cUz ShE's So wEiRd AnD RePeTiTiVe LiKe ThAt ... pLuS, ShE jUsT nEedS sLeEp (LiKe ThAt OnE BaReNaKeD LaDiEs SoNg, "WhO nEeDs sLeEp?" heheheheheh :-D