Friday, May 09, 2003

YAY for Nap-time! (Do I really say “Yay” a lot? I think Abez thinks so…)

ok, so I'm finally baaaack! Kinda sorta. I may actually need another few days to recuperate from the not-enough-eating-and-definitely-not-enough-sleeping routine I put myself through during the last couple of weeks as I was studying for and then taking my midterm exams. Where's Arshe with her "Don't-forget-to-eat-and-sleep!" reminders?? LOL. 'S all good though. Two weeks of coming home from campus at 10 p.m.-12 midnight, and then pulling constant allnighters or staying up til 3-4 a.m. every single freakin night took it's toll. Yesterday was alllll about naps, yo. Stayed up til 4 a.m., then took a 2 hour nap. Took a study break and napped in the Silo for 15 minutes. Took a 2-hour nap in on the comfy sofa at the Cross Cultural Center after my midterm. Actually came home while it was DAYLIGHT (all together now: Wowwww) and crashed on the sofa for 20 minutes. Scarfed down my dinner as if I hadn't eaten for 2 days (well, i kinda, uhhh, hadn't...unless candy bars and chips and crackers count), and headed off to bed at 7 p.m. Woke up at 10 a.m. today. That's like...what?...15 hours of sleep! Yeee-uuhhh. And guess what? My only class of the day has been cancelled, so I don't even have to drive all the way up to campus today. Woohoo. So far, I ate waffles, took a shower, washed my hair, refused to comb it as usual, and sat out in the courtyard and let my hair dry while I engaged in fun activities like leaving 3-minute-long voicemails for various friends (gloating about my chillaxing day and telling them how pretty the clouds look. haha) and busting out with my huge bottle of Miracle Bubble.

I love my bubble bottle. It was actually a birthday gift from my friend Rita last year, and came attached with an explanatory note that read: “The point of the bubbles is to remind you to be a kid. I know that you still are one, but on those stressful days when midterms got ya down, just be a kid again!” Such a cute child. See, this is why I love my friends….they buy me things they know I’ll actually utilize. ;) Somayya once joked, “Yaz, you don’t need a husband; you need a playmate.” Which always makes me laugh, but she’s probably right. Just watch, my future husband (wherever the heck he is) and I are gonna waste all our time building sandcastles (who cares if I don’t know how to?), blowing miracle bubbles, fighting over my 96-pack of crayons with the built-in sharpener (thank you, Somayya!), laughing at stupid things, and eating chocolate and French fries to our heart’s content. Yay for us. LOL.

I’ve realized my bubble-blowing skillz (if I ever had any to speak of) have majorly downgraded. I envy those people who blow slowlyyyy through the miracle wand thingie, and their bubbles just grow and growww…LOTS of bubbles, just from one blow, which fly away perfectly-formed. Since I’m an impatient child, I just kept giving one big *puff* and my measly 3 or 4 little bubbles wouldn’t even fly very far. Sheesh. All that trouble, just to get soapy water all over my hands and clothes. Plus, I got bubbles on my nose, in my hair, on my cell phone, on my daddy-o’s pride and joy (the geraniums), and even on the scary bees flying around. I deliberately aimed some bubbles their way. Haha. It was hecka fun.

In other news, my nice black pants are long on me. Goshdarnit. So, smart and ingenius child that I am (and have I mentioned, LAZY?), I had an epiphany the other day and just folded the bottoms of my pants-legs inwards a couple times and pinned them in place. There's about 6 pins lining the bottom inside of pants-leg. I think it's great. Just as long as I don't accidentally stab myself with a pin, we'll be getting along just fine. But my Ummy is definitely NOT AMUSED at all...she's been after me for days to let her bust out with the sewing machine and work some tailoring magic on my pants, but I've adamantly refused to let her near them. Now Shereen is frowning disapprovingly because we're supposed to head over to Cal (that's UC Berkeley, for you non-Bay Area peeps) for this banquet deal in a couple hours, and she's like, "Aren't you going to change your pants? You can so TELL that it's all pinned." I just waved her off. Yay for rebel children! I like my funky fashion, ok? Even if it involves safety-pinned pants and huge dupattas that double as wrap-around skirts and sporting flip-flops in the pouring rain and jeans with kameez, and....and what else. I forget.

Another post coming soon, yo (insha'Allah) less pointless, I mean.

p.s. In case you missed it on my tagboard, Salam Pax, the Iraqi blogger is back, with lots and lots of updates. So go read.