Sunday, May 04, 2003

Randomness... (Well geez, what else were you expecting from the Yaz?)

Yo salaams, people! Long time no see. I bet y'all missed me, judging by the mass chaos in my comments box. Fun times, fun times. Heh. In case you didn't notice, I decided to (finally!) "fire BackBlog," as Sana oh-so-succintly puts it, and went back and reactivated my Enetation account from three months back. I don't know why the hell I didn't just use Enetation right from the start, when I first started blogging...I set up an account and then got all sidetracked with BackBlog. Blah. Whatever though; Enetation is my best friend starting from today, because...SURPRISE!...I can delete comments and ban IP addresses. I chose a comment box off the "template gallery," and fiddled around with it using my practically nonexistant "kindergarten html skillz" (phrase trademarked by Seher ;) ), and voila! there's my crackaliciously-slick-lookin new-and-improved comment box. I love the color red, have I ever mentioned? So I'm exciteddddd, and way proud of myself. Haha ok, sorry, I'm just hecka tired, and when I'm tired I'm either hyperactive or stupid or slow or all of the above. Ask Somayya. We have a tendency to be hilariously stupid together. :-D Anywayz, the new commenting system sooo makes my day, and I'm sure y'all are majorly relieved too. lol. Jazak'Allah to those of you who took the time and made the effort and, yeah, wasted your breath responding to Flanstein's hateful comments in my last post. I'm really sorry y'all had to put up with the jackass, but I appreciate the fact that you did.

Flanstein: You seriously need to get yourself a freakin life, yo. It's sad that you seem to possess at least a minimal degree of passion and articulacy, and yet you're pathetically wasting those strengths on spouting poison instead of channeling them towards some sort of constructive dialogue. You're only underscoring your own ignorance and hate by engaging in such malicious commenting.

Anywayz, moving right along... Just to warn y'all, this is going to be a majorly random post, ok? All that clamoring for updates on y'alls part finally got to me, so I decided to humor you. Dunno if this'll be all that humorous a post though, cuz my humor needs some work these days. The Yaz is so bogged down with studying and stressing and papers and midterms that she's been neglecting the funny stuff lately. Sad, ain't it? Never thought it'd happen, didja? Ok, so weird quotes from weird people I know, just to amuse you:

Somayya says: "I hate reading and... I hate reading, yeah. I have reading-phobia."

Somayya also says: "You know that taste that avocadoes don't have?" *I nod* "Well I loooove that taste that avocadoes...uhhh...don't have. Umm, yeah." [Mad props to Somayya, everyone's favorite confoozid child, who makes THE best guacamole I've ever tasted in my life!]

My daddy-o, the obsessive gardener, says: "Look! Isn't that wheelbarrow sooo beautiful??" [I love my daddy! lol]

Arash says: "Ohhh! You wear hearing aids? Really??"
Me: "Dude, why else do you think I have such issues hearing what the heck you're always saying? You talk soo low sometimes, man."
Arash: *gesturing lamely* "But I thought maybe your hijab just muffles all the sound, and THAT'S why... Uhhh, yeah."

Arash also says: "Whoa, your handwriting is hella cool. Hey, it looks kinda like tagging!"
Me: "Tagging?"
Arash: "Yeah, tagging. You graffiti."

LOL! Hi, I'm gonna go graffiti up some buildings in this here Peppievillie of mine, ok? Gotta add some spice to the upscale plazas, yo! HAHAHAHA. Wanna join me, Seher?

What else, what else... Oh, remember the Multicultural Immersion Program internship I talked about a few posts down? Well, I got it, alhamdu'lillah. :) I think all the new and existing interns, plus the coordinators, are going out to dinner sometime this coming week to celebrate. And I love food, so of COURSE I'm excited! lol.

I also applied for an internship with the Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) a few weeks ago. EAOP interns assist students ranging from kindergarten to community college level with academic preparation, enrollment, admission, and financial aid requirements. The program works in collaboration with campus and area personnel to provide academic services and support to students, families, schools and communities, ultimately serving over 6,000 students in nineteen school districts. Yup, that’s hecka people, yo.

What’s sad is that my dad was explaining to me just a couple weeks ago that, because of California’s multibillion dollar deficit and slowed economy, as well as the resulting budget cuts, our community colleges here in Cali are going to be hit with a $161 million cut. That’s a 3.3 percent decrease for community colleges, which is twice as much as the decreases for the California State University and University of California systems. But wait, there’s more! Community college students in California might also be facing a tuition increase from $11 per unit to $24 per unit, and “the budget would significantly reduce funding for almost every aspect of day-to-day college operations, including funding to hold classes, maintain equipment, provide student services, and compensate faculty and staff. This cut in funding would force the system to deny access to approximately 146,000 students in the fall—a number almost equal to the entire undergraduate enrollment of the University of California system.”

Community colleges are important in the sense that they allow many, many students to meet their educational needs on a limited budget. But, man, such drama with the budget cuts these days. That's totally going to turn so many prospective students away. *sigh* But I also find the EAOP internship intriguing just cuz it places an emphasis on reaching out to kids from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds, and these are the kids for whom attending college is an inconceivable, impossible opportunity. I was thinking about EAOP the other day…well, not exactly the other day; more like almost a month ago. We had some old family friends (Pakistani) visiting, and I was talking to the girl. She’s 14 or so (I can’t remember exactly, because she looks and acts older than her age) and is currently being homeschooled. I asked her about her academic strengths, whether she’s thought about specific colleges yet (never mind the fact that I didn't even think about college til 11th grade. lol), what she’s thinking about as a career...all that good stuff. We figured out that, weird as it was, we’d never met before, even though our families are somehow related and her dad visits us here in the Bay often. So I was just trying to get to know her. She’s an awesome kid, and I totally wasn’t trying to put her on the spot. I was genuinely interested. But she got all embarrassed and looked away, and finally mumbled, “I don’t think I’ll be going to college.” I was like, Whaaaat?? She was all, “Yeah, I don’t think my dad’s too big on the idea of me going to college.” I just stared. Her dad spent most of his young adulthood years in England, and went to med school there. Now he’s a pharmacist or pharmacologist here in Cali, and every time I see him, he spends hours asking me about school and classes and giving me advice on pre-med courses like organic chemistry (that I’m not planning on taking. lol) and giving my dad even MORE advice on where to send me for medical or grad school and blah blah blah. So I was just stunned. How can someone who genuinely seems to care so much about MY education neglect his own daughter’s that way?? I seriously don’t get it. Actually, I do get it, sorta. It has a lot to do with culture...the village culture, that is. Village culture has a lot of positives (trust me, ok?), but some of it is majorly jacked up to the max. I'm so, so lucky to have the awesome parents that I do, who place so much emphasis on the importance of education. Often, I forget to be grateful for that, because I take it for granted.

Anywayz, I’ve already sent in my comfirmation for the MIP position. And I have an interview for EAOP scheduled sometime this coming week. It’ll be soo weird if I end up getting that internship too. I wonder if I’ll be able to handle it. Ideally, I’d LOVE to do both. But I’m also planning on continuing the calculus tutoring next year, plus I’ve been wanting to get an internship with the pediatric audiology department of the Children’s Hospital at Oakland (I have connections! Yeee-uuhhhh!) for the longest time, but something or other is always going on (think: college), and I can’t find a chance. Maybe I’ll finally do that in the summer, insha’Allah! :):) And I want to take a full-load of classes this summer and next year, so I can graduate and figure out what the hell I want to do with my life.

I’m starting to think I go to extremes in my activity level. Either I sit around all stagnant, wrapped up in my mellow, go-with-the-flow (think: aimlessly drifting), hi-I’m-lazy-and-I-love-it mentality, or else I want to get involved in every little thing and overdo it and burn myself out. What fun. YazzO, you needs to chillax, woman. That was one of the voices in my head. lol. Don’t be too surprised if I refuse to listen. I have this amazingly brilliant tendency to ignore people’s advice. Even my own. ;) heh.

One more midterm this week, and then I’m hooooooome freeeeeeee! Send some du’as my way, please, please, please. Jazak’Allah! ;)

Did you know? I'm number 1 in the MSN search results list for "everyone's favorite plastic rebel." HAHAHA. I shall now leave y'all to mull over what that means, and (supposedly) put my stupid hyperactivity to good use, and go study. Because I'm a nerd. And I know it. And I loooove the library, whatchu talkin' 'bout??