Saturday, June 28, 2003

is this the part where i go cry now?

hmm, so my enetation comments link hates me, since it's pulled a disappearing act. There's nothing like MIA comments to make me not want to blog. (Ok, so I like getting feedback to my writing. So at least I admit it. So shoot me.) And I decided to republish all my archives, and it's taking days, man. Plus, why is my name coming out all funky at the top of each post? Me thinks my blog and I are getting into a love-hate/you-need-to-die-NOW! relationship. The saddest part is, I actually felt like blogging. Sheesh. See ya tomorrow, insha'Allah. :)

[edit: i fixed the funky name deal up there. And guess what?? Permalinks are now working on Blogger weblogs (thanks to this new-and-improved version of Blogger). Yay for me! Real update coming to a psychotic blog near you tomorrow, insha'Allah.]