Wednesday, July 02, 2003

bambi was here + random musings from everyone’s favorite rebel child

- The most exciting thing to happen today was that a deer found its way into my front yard this evening and started munching on the rose bushes. I was too delighted by the spectacle to do anything other than remain seated at the dining room table, stare out the window, and go, “Awwww…” Shereen finally opened the front door, snapped a photo, and shooed it away. Darn. The other afternoon, Shereen tells me, we had a procession of turkeys in our courtyard: a mother and about ten baby turkeys. Apparently one of our neighbors keeps them as pets. Interesting, ain’t it? I’m not sure exactly where the deer live though, but if you drive down our winding road after dark, they’re often found standing in the middle of the street, only to gracefully leap out of the way in the face of the bright headlights bearing down on them.

- I figured out a great way to work out without dwelling on how tired you are: Stick a rock album in your discman, turn it up really loud (that’s a must, to get the full effect), and watch some extreme auto-racing show on t.v. Who ever knew that stuff was so interesting and entertaining? I was so mesmerized that I ran almost three miles on the treadmill without even realizing it. And it’s much easier to tell who’s winning in a car race rather than in a golf tournament or tennis match. I watched Andre Agassi play someone in tennis the other morning, and I had noo idea what was going on. I finally figured out Agassi won when I saw a flashing box at the bottom of the t.v. screen, reading, “Winner: Agassi.” Yes, I have skills. Shut up.

- I need to cut down on the vampire hours once again. I stay up late, and don’t get jack done. Pointless. I seriously haven’t studied at all since my summer classes began two weeks ago. I speed the sixty miles to campus every morning, barely making it on time for my 8 a.m. class, and then struggle to stay awake. In between yawning my head off, staring bleary-eyed at the PowerPoint presentations, and scribbling down notes, I munch on cookies and doodle on my friends’ notes. Then I head to the university library, prop my feet up and nap on the comfy chairs for two hours, join Somayya for a work-out, go to my afternoon class (repeating the morning’s yawning and bleary-eyed routine), head to the library, and take another nap. Then I come home and eat dinner and waste time checking emails. I haven’t even opened my textbooks yet. Better believe it. Maybe I should just leave ‘em closed. They’d make pretty nice coffee-table books, I think. Good for decorative purposes.

- Funny how, these days, I spend all my time in the library sleeping. Usually, I’m more occupied with doing stuff in the library that you're not supposed to. For example, checking emails on the library computers, even though they’re strictly meant for research. Not that that's ever stopped me in the past. A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting there nonchalantly checking my emails, when one of the librarians walked up behind me and said disapprovingly, “You know you're not allowed to check your emails here. I'm going to have to ask you to sign off.” I answered, “Oh, really?”…looking all innocent, as if there weren't ten signs plastered all over each computer telling me the same thing. ‘Twas funny though. But I'm back at it again. Old habits die hard, ya know. I do all kinds of stuff in the library that you're not supposed to. Like, EAT. That's another no-no, but I do it all the time. What makes it even funnier is I usually sit in plain view of the circulation and information desks, and if they looked up at just the right moment, they could catch me stuffing a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup into my mouth. But they never do. What can I say? I'm a rebel child. I eat Reese’s and bagels in the library, sneak in water bottles, check my emails and talk on AIM on the research computers. And since I always sit at the front tables, I end up distracting all those good-intentioned people who actually walk in here to study, of all things. I'm like, "Studying? What's that??" It's such a crazy life, being The Yaz.

- Speaking of Reese’s, everyone needs to go read Shereen’s post about vanilla extract and vanillin. Both of these ingredients in your dessert of choice are a major no-no. Go find out why.

- So I’m sitting here trying to make headway on an assignment due tomorrow: an outline for my Infancy & Early Childhood Development class. Basically, we have to use the theories and concepts learned in this course to write a paper about raising our own hypothetical child, from the prenatal stage up to age five. Sounds interesting, no? The only problem is, I’m afraid I’m going to end up with some majorly whack rebel child, a mini-me, so to speak. *sigh* I’m laughing right now, recalling the day I told a friend about my wild escapades and crazy insanities as a child. He just shook his head and deadpanned, “You’re lucky your parents didn't leave you at the Salvation Army.” I think, compared to my childhood, my experiences these days are relatively tame. Let’s just consider that a good thing.

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