Sunday, August 24, 2003

when all else fails...

U: ok...hey:
U: Do you think it'd be odd if I became so well-off, like real comfy in life
U: I mean not having to answer to anybody...
U: And then I started dressing like a pirate
Yasmine: hmmmm
Yasmine: Pirate?
U: You know, eye patches, do-rags on the head, and shredded shirts
Yasmine: Why a pirate?
Yasmine: Eye patch and all?
Yasmine: hahahahaha
U: Like a diff' pirate theme each day
U: One day, Red Beard
Yasmine: And this is, why?
U: Next day, One-Eyed Willy
U: And then one day, like Ol' Salty Dog
U: And Black Beard
U: I mean, just be a pirate
Yasmine: hmm sounds hecka fun yo
U: And since I'll be so well-off, no job or office to worry about
Yasmine: Now that would be the life
Yasmine: And all this wealth will come from your career in medicine?
Yasmine: As a doctor?
Yasmine: So these are post-retirement plans or what?
U: Well, I meant just hypothetically if I won the lottery or my long-lost uncle turned out to be a Saudi sheikh, etc.
Yasmine: ohhh
Yasmine: I see how it is
U: Yea. You know, just for the heck of it
U: Like pirates of the caribbean
U: One day a deck swabber
U: Next day a cantina-hombre
Yasmine: hahahaha
Yasmine: This is so funny
U: Another day, the cook
U: Then finally, ol' crusty Cap'n Crunch
U: One day go w/ the peg leg
U: Another day, the hook
U: But Allah wouldn't like mockery of the less fortunate
U: So I'd keep limbs non-parodied
U: :-[
Yasmine: Smart child
U: But, you feel me? I mean, to be so well-off and so untouchable, that you don't have to abide nor comform to society's niches or qualms
Yasmine: I don't do that anywayz
Yasmine: Conform, I mean
Yasmine: Drives my family and relatives insane
Yasmine: lol
U: To be able to say to my son, "Ahoy matey, you lil &#^$@"
U: Yea, BUT do YOU have a parrot and an eyepatch??
Yasmine: You sure your son won't be all traumatized?
U: And my son would then say, "Ol' piece of barnacle *$%^#, go walketh the plank!"
U: Oh, and the swords, wow
Yasmine: Dude, your family is gonna be psycho to the max
U: hahaha, you'll be the nutty aunt down the road, commited in the "institute"
Yasmine: Wonderful
Yasmine: You guys can have fun during visiting hours
Yasmine: Make sure you bring me some crayons
Yasmine: AND french fries
U: omg, i forgot
U: Fish n CHIPS!
U: And everytime I say, "Where's my booty," everyone will go, "She's at the halaqa"
Yasmine: Dude, what are you ON?
U: Booty = spoils, riches
U: But in a BET/ebonics sense, I'd be hip to the homies
Yasmine: Yeah, I got that
Yasmine: Insane in the membrane....
Yasmine: Loco en la cabesa...
U: To say the least
U: Mein Kopf ist sehr sehr WACK
Yasmine: Now that's a major understatement
U: (Deep in pirate thought)
U: (Mustache or beard?)
U: ahh, decisions, decisions, decisions
Yasmine: What did the voices in your head decide on that one?
U: hmm, man I dunno if a pious practising Muslim jigga can pull off a real-deal pirate
U: Man, watta bummer
U: Come on...
U: I can't wear jewelry
U: I don't swear
U: And my idea of getting liquored up is drinking too much Mountain Dew
U: Jeez, I built this immaculate dream, and now it's CRASHED