Monday, March 10, 2003

ok so i see that i'm kinda behind on the updates, since lately I’ve been posting stuff written by OTHER people. Hmmm… I don’t really have anything exciting to write about either, though… How bothersome, man. And it’s funny that I woulda written about today, but “today” is actually Monday now, since it’s wayyy past midnight here. Vampire children of the world, unite! Hahaha. But I wanted to write about Sunday, and now that it’s technically Monday, I have to write in the past tense and say “yesterday.” Sheesh. Maybe I should compose my posts during normal hours of the day; that way, I wouldn’t have to deal with this timing drama. :) btw, Jazak’Allah, everyone, for all your du’as! :)

Anywayz, this might be a random post. A Sana-kinda post. Or maybe not. Cuz Sana definitely wins the award for most variety in a single entry, hands down. Even I can’t top that. As y’all have probly noticed by now, I can spend hours writing about one thing, even though my attention span is so short it’s at a 6-year-old height (Somayya says my REAL height is that of a 6-year-old too... “Yaz, you look like a kindergartener!” she laughed the other day, when I was gleefully wearing my flip-flops once again. Actually, the Yaz only ACTS like a kindergartener; she does not LOOK like one. The Yaz thinks Somayya needs to shut up unless she has something more constructive to say, because the Yaz is not amused by comments like that. So there!). Ummm, yeah.

I went up to school on Saturday morning to work on a presentation with my Sociology 30A discussion group…there’s 7 of us, and each discussion section has to do some sort of presentation this coming Tuesday that centers around a couple of the main topics we went over in the course this past quarter. The class is titled “Intercultural Relations in Multicultural Societies,” so we’re basically gonna touch on stereotyping, communication styles, prejudice, etc. Anywayz, Saturday was the first time we got together to plan out our presentation (yes, we’re slackers; at least we admit it), so we’re all sitting there trying to brainstorm and come up with something feasible enough to pull off by Tuesday, and this kid Alex is all, “Maaaaan, we should just go with something easy….like an ethnic potluck!” And everyone else is like, omg no that does NOT work; it’s supposed to be a presentation, duh. He’s like, “No, come on, you guys, bringing in food would just make everyhing soooo much easier. And the class would love it! What if we just took in cupcakes??!” I was like, “Cupcakes?? Ooooh...!” Leave it the Yaz to get all sidetracked by food, right? But everyone else was still like, ummm cupcakes??! Yeah, cuz cupcakes are NOT ethnic food. Or maybe that’s the point. Cupcakes are as American as ummm…apple pie? Or something. We could use cupcakes as a metaphor to symbolize our common identity and universal humanity even as we come from differing races/ethnicities and backgrounds. Umm, yeah, shut up, Yaz…Don’t mind me, ya’ll, I don’t know what I’m babbling about over here. lol. Anywayz, Alex was all, “Yeah! Diversity cupcakes!! We could use chocolate AND vanilla mix when we bake ‘em, and chocolate AND vanilla frosting, and a whole bunch of different-colored sprinkles, and just mix and match everything!” I was like, “Ooooh, and then we’d have INTERRACIAL CUPCAKES!!!” Which totally got me started on the laughter. We were all sitting there just bustin up for hours. It was so funny. Or maybe you just had to be there, I dunno. LOL. :-D Finally, we decided to parody the “Real World” and came up with this hilarious skit. Because I rarely watch t.v. and don’t know jack about the “Real World,” everyone had to sit there and explain the concept to me. I was like, ummmm ok. But our skit is straight up comedy though. :-D

So I chilled in the library for a while after that, and then got bored and decided to go shopping (not that I had money to actually BUY anything. Plus, shopping is kinda boring too. It’s like a last-resort thing with me, usually. Haha) so I stopped by a certain store from where a certain friend had bought a certain coat for a certain someone’s birthday (mine). And I swear that’s not what I went in for, yo, but I saw the same coat hanging on the rack, so I went over to see what it looked like in other colors, and casually glanced at the price tag in passing, and…OMG, WOMAN, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING??? I nearly had a heart attack. No lie. Dayammmm. Whoa, talk about generous. I still can’t get over it. But you know I love you much. ;) And then I went up to Sacramento and visited Somayya for a little bit…and ate yummy food too, cuz my cool relatives never let me stop by without eating at least one real meal. They’re smart like that. ;) Then it got dark and it was time for the Yaz to leave, so we had sad goodbyes all around. I mean, duh, of COURSE they were sad to see me go...cuz they loooooove me. Cuz Yaz rockt das Haus, and they know it. ;) Somayya walked me out to my car, and we spent some crazy minutes screaming and excitedly jumping up and down on her driveway (no lie. lol) cuz we realized we’re gonna have THREE classes together next quarter. And our fourth classes (the ones we have separately) are scheduled at the same time, which means all our breaks are going to be at the same times too. Yeee-uuuhhh. We’re gonna be “joined at the hip” again, as everyone remarks. Hahaha. It’s great, yo. I’m excited.

Sunday morning I had halaqa. Then came back home and slept from 2-7 p.m. Arshe, you’d be very proud of me. Not only did I eat 3 meals, I slept too! Musta been your daily reminder that did it. You might not be amused about the meal choices though, but I know I am….chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, pasta for lunch, and french fries for dinner. :-D Awesome, no? Hey, it’s progress…three meals in one day! I deserve a pat on the back, y’all. Maybe an award too. Haha.

k, I have an 8-10 page paper due tomorrow. Gotta get back to work. I wish I could write papers as easily and enthusiastically as I blog, dammit. Anywayz, peace, y’all.