Monday, March 03, 2003

So today's date is 03.03.03. How cool is that?? Yes, i am easily amused. hehe. I just checked my emails, and sat here laughing for the longest time cuz there’s an unexpected email from Somayya in my inbox that she sent me at midnight while taking a break from the insane o-chem studying. Yes, I guess the crazy vampire tendencies run in the family. haha. She says, “I was just reading your blog and I must say, it scares me when you are serious. lol. I guess I am just really really not used to it.” LOL! okok, sorry I traumatized all you people with my ‘Let’s-Analyze-The-Yaz” roll (yeah, I even have a name for the phase). Don’t worry, I’ll try to go back to being psychotically hilarious for a little while. :-D

Anywayz, did I tell you…I had THREE birthday cakes! My dad and brother went shopping for my birthday cake the other day, and found this really yummy chocolate raspberry one. Ooooh. But then Nas was like, “That cake looks kinda small. I don’t think one’s enough!” (yayyy for brothers who understand the importance of lotsa chocolate in our diet!), so they ended up buying a chocolate torte too. And then later in the afternoon, an old family friend stopped by to speak with my dad, and brought along a CHEESECAKE!! Omg, I absolutely loooove cheesecake. Hehe. It even has “Happy Birthday, Yasmine” written on it. I was like, awwww. It was so unexpected. So awesomely cool of him. :) So yeah, three cakes. We finished one yesterday. The cheesecake is still chillin in the fridge. But I was running late for school this morning (as usual, yeah), so there was no time for breakfast. Instead, I cut off a huuuge chunk of the choco torte and ended up digging into it during my physics lecture. This guy sitting 2 seats down from me kept looking over all enviously. Finally, he leaned over and asked, “Where did you buy that cake?” I was like, “Uhhh, I’m not sure. It’s my birthday cake.” Dunno why I felt the need to share that with him, either. hahaha. Oh wells. He looked surprised, then wished me happy birthday. I said thanks. I continued eating my cake and scribbling down lecture notes, while he kept gazing at the choco out of the corner of his eye and pretended he wasn’t drooling. LOL. ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But I know he wanted that cake. Too bad I wasn’t about to share with random boys I don’t know. :-D

Speaking of physics lecture…aaaahhhhh. I’m so lost. We’re learning about refraction and diffraction and converging and diverging rays and lenses and things. Something about the “normal.” What the heck is the “normal”?? Weird people like myself who live gleefully insane lives have trouble comprehending the concept of anything normal. Hmph. Physics is blah.