Monday, February 24, 2003

Hello, children! hahaha. i just realized how funny that sounded. Who cares though. It's my blog and i'm in a happy mood today for some reason. Do i need a reason? Must there always be a reason? Or can i just be happy for the heck of it and not have to justify it? Hmmm...oooooh, deep deep thoughts. Philosophy 101, Yaz-style. LOL

ok, forget philosophy, let's talk about another P-word...everyone's favorite P-word...yes, PHYSICS!! (actually, my fave P-word is Prophet...or Prayer...or...ummm...i'll come up with some more laters...). So yeah, physics is evil, in case you didn't already know or in case i haven't previously established. One of the most evil things about physics (besides the fact that it's a useless class) is that those evil people way up high somewhere in the upper echelons of Those-Evil-People-Who-Run-this-University (i'm actually just kidding--i think--about the 'evil people' part, ok? it's just here to add drama to my random story. Chill out, yo) always manage to put their heads together and decide to offer physics early in the morning. Which is so jack. I mean, students are barely awake in the morning anywayz. And to expect them to sit through 90 minutes of the sheer mind-numbing torture that is physics lecture with their eyes open and their brains at maximum-alertness-level?? My goodness...

But anywayz, I was running majorly late getting out of the house this morning, so i was crazy speeding up to school. Oh wait, the funniest part...So i was driving along Broadway, on my way to the freeway, and i hit this 4-way intersection right down from the post office...and i was so out of it that i was treating the stop sign like a signal light. So i'm all sitting there, *doot doo doo*, just chillin, fiddling around with my discman and Zain Bhikha CD, eating my Reeses peanut butter cups (Reeses should make a commercial about ME..."How does YAZ eat her Reeses?"...then a nice shot of me gobbling down Reeses like there's no tomorrow, oblivious to the world....yeahhhh. haha). After about 40 seconds or so (which is a LONG time to be sitting at a stop sign, ok), i decide to look around to see what's up, and by this time everyone else at the intersection had already decided i was out of it and unfit to drive, i'm guessing, cuz that would explain why they gave me weird looks and just zoomed off to go their merry way. I was like, uhhhh, oops! Oh, but it gets even better. A block down, I almost ran a red light just because, for half a second, my brain was registering it as a stop sign instead. *sigh* I swear i started laughing at that point. :-D It was just too ludicrous. I mean, leave it to the Yaz, right? :-p And no, normally i DO NOT drive like this. Just today, for some reason. lol.

Yeah, so i was really speeding to school this morning. Crazy stuff. I even managed to scare myself, the way i drove on some of those curves. *tsk tsk* And all so I could make it to my physics test on time, sheeeeesh. The things i do for my grade point average. I think i should get extra credit for effort like that. I'll be like, Ummm, i think you should give me a 'high pass' in lab and an A+ for lecture, cuz i think i broke any and all previous freeway speeding records to get here on time! Yeah, that should do it, no? After physics, i met up with Somayya and she bought me breakfast...yayyy for FRENCH FRIES!! hahahaha. okok, i was going to get some vegetable's soooo good, i swear. But it wasn't ready yet, and i was hungry, and Somayya brought up the idea of fries, and i was like, YEAH!! She bought me a LARGE serving of fries too, no less. That totally made my day. :-D So maybe that's why i'm so happy. I dunno.

Alhamdulillah though, for all the good things i have in my life! I don't really take the things i have for granted...i hope... I think i'm pretty aware of the fact that, masha'Allah, i have it a lot better than other people all over the world. But it's always good to remind myself, still.

k i have to run along and help a friend with a paper. I dunno how i get myself into these things. *sigh* Maybe i'm too nice (umm, no, you tell 'em, Somayya! haha). Or maybe I just get easily flattered by the fact that my friends think i can help them when it comes to writing. Or maybe i'm just looking for random things to do so i can slack off on my OWN studies. Or maybe all of the above. For multiple choice, though, I think the answer is always 'C.' :)