Friday, February 21, 2003

i'm very bitter at the moment because i've realized i can't access peoples' comments to my posts off my computer anymore, goshdarnit. The weird part is, i CAN read them off any other computer (i.e. campus computers). Weird weird. Gotta check it off my dad's computer tomorrow, to see if it works there too. Otherwise, any techie people out there who can explain this funky dilemna?

Anywayyyyz, i think my annoyance at not being able to read the comments has supplanted any cool stories i had to share on here. Hmm.. One exciting thing: Unity Halaqa tomorrow! :) This is something we started just a short while back, but alhamdulillah we've been able to hold many Unity Halaqas since last summer. Basically, there are several ongoing brothers' and sisters' halaqas throughout the Bay Area. The Unity Halaqa gives us an opportunity to combine these separate halaqas into a joint halaqa, held monthly at a different Islamic center or masjid. Each area (i.e. San Ramon, Fremont/Hayward, Santa Clara, San Jose, Oakland, etc.) alternately hosts a Unity Halaqa, at which a guest speaker is invited in order to motivate the attendants towards increased Islamic awareness and activism within our communities. It's a great opportunity to get to know other Muslims in the Bay Area, masha'Allah.

Found and printed the following off the Hidayah Online Forums a while back... Amazing place, masha'Allah. I've been a lurker on there for ever; just need to post or comment one of these years. :-p Check out the main Hidayah Online website as well. Anywayz, this is soooo beautiful in its simplicity:

Ihya Uloom ad-Deen, al-Ghazali

It is narrated of Haatim bin Al-Asamm that he said in answer to a question about prayer:

"When the time for prayer is at hand, I make proper ablution,
go to the spot where I intend to pray,
and sit there until my limbs and organs are in a collected state.

"Then I stand up to perform my prayer,
facing the Ka'aba between my brows,
the bridge-over-Hell beneath my feet,
Paradise to my right and Hell to my left,
and the Angel of Death behind me,
thinking all the while that
this is my final prayer.

"Then I stand between hope and fear.

"I carefully pronounce, 'Allahu Akbar!'

"Then I recite the Qur'an harmoniously,
bow in humilty and
prostrate myself submissively.
I then sit back on my left haunch,
spreading out the left foot,
raising my right foot on the toes.

"I follow this with sincerity.

"Then I wonder whether or not my prayer has been accepted."