Sunday, February 09, 2003

so i just got back from my weekly halaqa, and i am sooo unbelievably TIREDDDDD. Believe it or not, i actually did not get ANY sleep last night cuz i was up ALL night studying. And when my head started nodding over the books at like 4 a.m. and i had to hecka blink my eyes to focus on the text, i decided to come on over to the computer...cuz hey, being online always helps me stay awake. :-D I'm sure y'all can relate, don't lie! So i did interesting things like check my emails 32840398490 times and talk to weird friends on AIM and oh yeah...add some color to my blog! Hecka exciting, yes wayyyy. I'm still trying to figure out where the heck i'm going with this funky color combo, so i appreciate feedback. And hey, mad props to ME cuz i never knew HOW to change the colors before (hence, my blaaaaahhhh white background)...THEN, i had an epiphany and realized that the Tag-Board color palette was good for SOMETHING, cuz it gives you the codes for colors. Coolness! :-D So yeah...

Halaqa was cool in terms of seeing all the awesome sistas, but ummm...sadly NOT productive in terms of actually absorbing anything educational, etc. *siiiigh* WHICH is, of course, my own fault for going to halaqa all zoned out and bleary-eyed from lack of sleep. Not that i shoulda skipped out on halaqa...but maybe i shoulda gotten SOME sleep at least last night? I dunno. But it was crazy crazyyyy cuz Aisha kept asking me questions or prodding me when it was my turn to speak, and i, sad case that i am, was like, 'Huh? Whaaaat? Where are we? I don't get it! I'm confusiddddd...' You get the point, i'm sure. :-p Geeeez, Yaz, gotta get with the program, genius child! (For the record, i'm NOT usually this spazzed-out in halaqa. lol) Umm yeah. But anywayz, we just finished reading Imam al-Ghazali's Duties of the Brotherhood in Islam, which is very sad because i am in love with that book. I've been meaning to post some passages/quotes/ahadith/etc. from there, but YazzieSpazzie the crackhead child is falling asleep over the keyboard here, so we must sadly postpone that til another day when she is, insha'Allah, a bit more alert and coherent.

Speaking of incoherence though (and JUST when you thought you had gotten rid of me! ahahahah, gotcha again, suckas!)...last night i was studying for my Human Development 100A (Infancy & Early Childhood) midterm, and on looking over the syllabus i found this hilariously self-deprecating thought that i had written at the bottom of the page sometime during the first week of the quarter...

"Professor Jennings says, 'First children are always the experiment.' Well in THAT case, no WONDER i turned out so abnormal! muahahahahahaha!!"

Yes, i crack myself up, i do indeed. It's such a crazy life being the Yaz, what can i say. lol. What else was i gonna say... Oh! Interesting things to think about (more Human Development stuff)...We were talking about scientific versus non-scientific inquiries, and some example of non-scientific questions would be, "Why is love needed to survive? Is love good? Why do we love our kids? Do we love them just so they'll survive? Why should we survive if we can't love?" Yup, hecka mind-boggling, ain't it? And i posted that just cuz i'm bitter that (i think?) y'all are slacking off and doing random things and reading my blog while i have to go read heavy textbooks and skim my notes and pretend i know what the heck i'm lookin at and trying to convince myself that i will indeed, insha'Allah, do awesome tomorrow. So how bout you go rack your brains over those deep and mindless questions, so we can ALL be miserable together! yayyy. :-D

And before i forget...funny AIM convo for y'all to shake your head in bewilderment at while you ponder what a weird crackhead i am. This is me and a friend at around 5 o'clock (my time) this morning...

ME: i have 3 midterms monday
ME: do some du'as for me, will ya?
AISHA: you mean, TOMORROW?????
AISHA: inshallah you'll do fine
ME: no cuz tomorrow is sunday
ME: oh wait, yeah, tomorrow
ME: hahahah
AISHA: today is sunday, girl
ME: today is sunday?
ME: uh huh
AISHA: dude go to sleep!
AISHA: hahaha
AISHA: that was too cute
ME: yeah that was
ME: what can i say
ME: it comes naturallyy
ME: :D
AISHA: i can so imagine u online tomorrow like, 'yeah i have a test tomorrow' while ur missing out on the test haha

Talk about mind-boggling, yo. Yes, the Yaz needs some sleeeeeeeppp. So i am gonna go practice some shut-up techniques in the best way possible...sprawled on my bed under like 3 blankets because, believe it or not, it's HECKA COLD around here! and the Yaz HATES...ABSOLUTELY HATES...the cold. Am i the only person who warms up their hands at the toaster in the middle of the night in between studying? Hmmm...i really should shut up before ya'll think i'm even more of a freak of nature than you have already figured out. =) Don't du'as!