Saturday, February 08, 2003

i woke up at 2 p.m. todayyyy!! heck yeah, i'm all excited. Normally i have crazy vampire-ish tendencies where i pull all-nighters in a supposed attempt to study but end up talking to friends on AIM instead. Sooo productive, yeah. But last night i fell asleep at 9.30, and now i feel awesomely rested. It's such a foreign feeling for me to be rested; how sad is THAT??

I had some random dreams too, but i can only remember the last one. In my dream, I was talking online to some friend (as i always am. AIM is the devil, for those of you who don't already know....sooo damn addicting, omg!), and heard the doorbell ring, so i was like, 'brb,' and went off to answer the door. And lo and behold, there's my parents back from Pakistan, with a throng of all our crazy soap-opera-drama relatives right behind 'em. I was like, WHOA!! hahaha. Talk about random surprises, yo. So everyone comes in and chills out and we have crazy catching-up session with everyone. So i head over to the corner when my daddy-o is talking to two elderly patriarchs-of-the-family-lookin men, and my dad kinda looks at me sideways, like, hmmmm.... and takes my chin in his hand and turns my face at a couple different angles, and goes, "Nice nose-piercing. Did you just get that done?" And in my dream, I remember i was totally thrown off-guard, like, oops, bustedddd! because i had forgotten i HAD my nose pierced in the first place. lol. And whaddaya know, the elderly baba-jis come right to my rescue, cuz right away they start bringing up names of random women who (in my dream at least) are respected, accomplished, and renowned as learned Muslimahs. Oh and incidentally these women all have their noses pierced. :-D (Yes, i have retarded dreams. Shut up.) And my daddy-o is just thoughtfully nodding along with each name, like, "Truuuuue..." and i'm standing beside him emphatically and sagely nodding along too like, "Yeahhhh, listen to the bab-jis!!" hahahaha. The coolest thing, i just remembered, was that the baba-jis and my father were all speaking in Pukhtu, and i was following it all perfectly. Cuz ya know...Maala ligga ligga Pukhtu raazi...Singra haal dey? Khashta dey? Tol khashta dey. :-D But anywayz, i woke up laughing. And that's always the best way to wake up, isn't it?

Now that I got the fun stuff outta the way, just wanted to say to those of you who stop by and read my hecka lame ramble of a blog...Do lotsa lotsa du'as for me, ok? I have THREE midterms on Monday and ONE MORE on Tuesday, and i am in dire need of prayers and du'as, because i have barely even started studying yet. So everyone's favorite slacker child might not be online for a couple days (how she will be able to restrain herself and survive, we don't know yet). In any case, yeah, do du'a.

Khodey pey amaan, ya'll... fi aman'Allah!