Saturday, February 15, 2003

Wow, i was just checking out my blog, and realized i haven't posted since Monday. I swear i did the whole quinessential double-take...i opened up my blog expecting to see the date heading over the top post say something like, "Wednesday," so i'm like, "doot doo doo," just sitting here opening up hecka different webpages, and i come back to my blog, and it says, "Monday." I'm like, "Ok, cool," and go back to my emails. And then I'm like, "Wait, MONDAY??" Daaang. So here i am, back to the wonderful world of posting rambling thoughts on my blog. Oh, the joy. :)

I can't believe I'm online at almost 3 a.m. on a Friday night (uhh, Saturday morning?) anywayz. Especially since I'm half-asleep in the first place. Shereen and I just got back at almost midnight from the South Bay, where we went for an Eid celebration deal. Wayyy awesome. One of the main speakers was Imam Suhaib Webb...sooo amazing, masha'Allah. For those of you who've never heard him speak, try to go whenever you get the chance, insha'Allah. I wish i could talk more in detail about the event and the speech itself, but i'm not awake enough to be adequately coherent. So here's some snippets i jotted down...

"Malcolm X once said, 'My whole life has been a chronology of changes.'"

"How many of you live your lives as a series of changes? Look at your position last year, at this same Eid last year...Can you honestly say that you have improved your relationship with Allah?"

On the mothers of the Ummah and their responsibilities: "The hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world."

The whole thing about change reminds me of something we discussed in halaqa during Ramadan... We brought up the concept of Ramadan being a test, and the idea was that if you're the same person at the end of Ramadan as you were in the beginning, then you didn't benefit. Something should be better. There is no point in repetition [i.e. daily fasting for a month, etc.] if you're not going to use every day of Ramadan, or every day of your life, to improve yourself.

I'm online right now cuz i'm reserving tickets for the Eid-al-Adha celebration at Zaytuna Institute tomorrow. I could spend hours talking about Zaytuna and the peaceful vibe there, but i need to head off to bed. Check out the website link though...There's some hecka cool articles, audios, and videos on there, masha'Allah. Maybe after i get back from there tomorrow, I'll post about it, insha'Allah. But Zaytuna is a beautiful place, masha'Allah, and the people i meet there always look so peaceful and lit up from the can almost see the nur shining from their faces, you know? The celebration starts in the morning, and there's various stuff going on throughout the day...And Imam Zaid Shaker will be speaking in the evening, insha'Allah. The Yaz is exciteddddd. =)

k, i'm going to sleep now!