Tuesday, February 25, 2003

On the way home from school today, i stopped and bought some hearing aid batteries. And since i was at the store anywayz and couldn't resist spending money, i also bought 3 chapsticks (diff types, don't worry. lol), a RED spiral notebook with perforated sheets (awesome invention, yo) and 2 cool pens. I'm beginning to think I have an obsession with pens...and not those cutesy glitter pens that come in 89740257057 different colors, either, but the good ol' reliable Pilot Precise Rolling Ball Extra-Fine blue-ink pen. I'm majorly in love with this pen...everytime i'm at a store, i buy another one--the same exact pen, every single time... If that's not obsessed, i don't know what is. But it's not as if i have 47487 gazillion of them sitting around anywayz...I think the rest of the family appreciates this pen as much as i do, cuz every time i turn around, i lose one. Or two. Or five. Which is why i must resort to going on constant shopping sprees to replenish my collection of identical pens. haha. Btw, extra-fine pens are my friends. :) And the reason for this is that...*newsflash!*...i'm left-handed. I can't handle regular ball-point or medium-point or whatever pens, cuz i have a tendency to smudge my writing with those, which just defeats the whole purpose of making an effort to put stuff down on paper. I mean, would you really put your precious time and effort into writing something down if you knew that, at the end of the whole process, the sheet in front of you would just be a huge, illegible, smudgy blob of nothingness? Uhhhh, noooo... Extra-fine-point pens are cool, cuz the ink dries hecka fast. I like writing in Urdu though, since writing from right-to-left ensures i don't smudge as i go along. Which brings up an interesting thought...do right-handed people who write in Urdu (or any other right-to-left language) smudge? I know my dad doesn't. And since most Urdu-writers are right-handed, and I haven’t run into any so far who smudge as they write, does that mean that left-handed English-writers are the only ones who smudge their writing? Aaaahhh…I’m confusing myself, even. hahaha.