Monday, July 07, 2003

school blues, OR: studieren macht keinen spass

The long weekend was spent doing nothing more productive than reading novels and stubbornly refusing to drive anywhere, meaning that I hadn’t been behind the wheel of my car in three whole days. That’s a big deal for me. Which is why today’s 120-mile round-trip commute to and from school exhausted me enough to want to crawl into bed when I returned home this evening.

But we can’t be doing that, because guess who just figured out she has a midterm exam on Thursday? Guess who still hasn’t gotten jack done in terms of studying? Guess who needs to go back to productive all-nighters and nasty energy drinks? And guess whose definition of “productive” at the moment consists of composing a blog post and talking on AIM? Me-me-me…pick ME!

So yeah. School is always such drama when it comes to me, since I’m constantly changing my mind about things. Actually, that probably goes for me and life in general, too. I remember, when I was a little girl, my two greatest goals were to become a professional Frisbee player and to marry MacGuyver when I grew up. Very simple, yet definite, ambitions. I really wonder when everything became such a process.

Had a nice day though, alhamdulillah. I was planning on studying in the university library between classes, but it was so cold in there that I just had to escape. Air conditioning and I just don’t get along in most cases. So I went out to the library courtyard, and had the huge expanse all to myself. Threw my stuff across a wooden bench, put my feet up, munched on a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich—haven’t had one for years, but they’re growing on me again—and amusedly watched a pair of birds squabble over the bread crusts I sent their way (yes, seems like I’ve retained some kindergarten habits when it comes to pb&j).

It was an unordinary day by any standards, but the couple of hours out in the sunshine cleared my head. This, too, shall pass, and all that. Insha'Allah.

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