Monday, August 25, 2003


- I was supposed to have finished reading a four-hundred-page book last week so that I could use it as the major reference for my paper that’s due Thursday. Too bad I haven’t even made it past page eighty-five or so. And my all-nighter vampire child skills are declining rapidly. Thus, the answer to all my problems: Cranberry-raspberry juice and Pringles. Yayyee!

- I need to go on a road trip soon. I’m feeling antsy these days. I guess my regular 120-miles-a-day commute just ain’t cutting it. Yes, I know, I’m an overachiever, what can I say.

- Earlier today, I looked down at the floor with marked interest, watched a little lizard lazily unfurl its tail, and remarked offhandedly, “You are so not cool.” I then went back to setting the table for dinner. It took me about a minute to fully realize what I had just said, at which point I started laughing. Well, hey, at least I’m now talking to lizards, instead of conversing with the voices in my head. That’s an improvement, no? (I think my ummy got rid of the lizard.)

- A friend just deigned to reply to my email from two months ago with the comparatively abbreviated response: “That was one of the coolest emails I have ever gotten... So vivid and esoteric and random and somehow just plain mind-bogglingly coherent. I’m speechless.”

(I had to go look up “esoteric” in the dictionary. Shh, don’t tell.)

- And my annoyance of the day: Why, oh why, is it so difficult to find a 7-Eleven or any other convenience store that sells blue slurpees? Dude, all I’m asking for is a BLUE slurpee. I don’t care if they have vanilla-, strawberry-, Pepsi-, or tropical-punch-flavored slurpees. I want a blue one. For reals. That’s the only kind that matters, I say. I don’t even care what flavor the blue slurpee happens to be, so long as it’s blue. It’s all about the color. Don’t ask me to explain. If you loved blue slurpees, too, you’d know what I’m talking about. All you non-blue-slurpee-lovers…*tsk*

- And after that rant, I desperately need to go and pretend I’m being productive.