Monday, March 10, 2003

Had a physics lecture this morning...and a quiz that i totally b.s.'ed my way through---as usual, of course. :-D So funny...Deval's such a bitter child. Every Sunday night for the past 3 quarters, she's called me to demand, "Have you studied for tomorrow's physics quiz yet??" No "hey, how are you?" preliminary greetings...just Deval asking in the most desperate voice imaginable, "Yaz, have you studied for physics??" Deval is kinda abrupt that way. lol. As usual, I flippantly retort, "Do I EVER?" Then she has to wait about 5 minutes for my laughter to die down before we can continue the conversation. You think she woulda learned by now not to ask. lol. 'S all good though. Or it WOULD be all good, if only she would stop being so bitter. We constantly run through the SAME cyclical conversation over and over:

Deval: *pouting* You NEVER study for phsyics!
Me: It's a waste of time, dude. Screw that.
Deval: It's not fair! You refuse to study and STILL pass. And I study my ass off and never do as well. I hate you!
Me: *smirking* It's called b.s., Deval. And by the way, i hate you too.
Deval: Well *i* try to b.s. too! So how come i never get as high scores as you do on the quizzes?
Me: I guess some people are born with it. And others have to try. *More smirking at my end*

I'm telling you, we've taken every single physics course together, and we have the same conversation every single week. Talk about crazy. But ok, i'm gonna stop making fun of her though. For now. ;) Anywayz, I was flipping through my planner this morning and realized that my physics final is on the very first day of finals week. Which means I get the dubious honor of taking my physics final NEXT Monday morning, 8-10 a.m. Yes, you heard that right, peoples, EIGHT a.m.!! Speaking of bitter, omg. They should make an exception for me. As if. lol. But dayammmm, that means I have to leave home at like 6:30-ish that morning in order to make it to school in an hour and park my car and walk all the way to my lecture hall and... *sigh* What a pain in the...ummm....arm...yeah, ARM! Blah to physics. Physics should die. Ok, maybe not. j/k. But physics is evil, still. :-p But this is my last physics course ever, so after this quarter i can celebrate. Yeeee-uuhhh :-D No more physics forever (insha'Allah)! Then I can be a guest speaker at all the phy-SUCKS club meetings...I'll come in to do motivational talks..."Here's How You TOO Can Survive Physics!" And it'll be all about mad b.s. skillz. HAHAHAHA. ok shutting up now. Have beautiful days, children...