Tuesday, July 22, 2003

random thoughts from the week where every day seems like a monday—and it’s only been 2 days so far…

I think it should be illegal for brand-new flip-flops to cause blisters. I mean, geez, I bought ‘em cuz they looked comfy. How was I supposed to know I’d be grimacing in pain while walking (uhh, limping) all over campus today?

I like napping outside on the benches in the library courtyard.
I also like napping in the comfy chairs inside the library.
I did both today, because I’m in love with naps.
I think I’d nap my life away if I could.
If the university offered a degree in napping, I could graduate with high honors. Stop laughing. My family would be so proud; I just know it.

I also think it should be illegal for guys to grin suggestively at me on the freeway. Keep your eyes on the road in front of you, buddy boy.

Every girl should know how to check oil and coolant levels in her car. And tire pressures too. Because I said so. Stop being such a girl, geez.

Someone explain to me why I spent almost a dollar on a cup of cold milk to go with the $2.99 tiny slice of yummy cheesecake I gobbled down in thirty seconds at Borders. Okay, so I was starving. But, dude, I could have bought about four servings of french fries with that amount of money.

Actually, the only reason I resorted to cheesecake and milk was because the guy behind the counter at the Borders café was doing a horrible job of explaining all those frappuccinos and mochas and lattes and whatnot to me. Somehow, I got the feeling he didn’t know any more about coffee than I do. And I don’t know jack at all.

The concept of non-fat anything scares me. Food is meant to be enjoyed, okay?

Someone needs to invent a program that would ensure that slacker college students like myself can’t access any internet websites beyond those they specifically need for research purposes. Why else would I be blogging when I have two papers due Thursday?

Guess who has final exams next week? Guess who’s not worried yet, for some reason? If time slowed down a little, though, that’d be really nice.

Little, rectangular, yellow-orange gradient sunglasses make the world a nicer and happier place. You heard it here first.

I need to stop automatically slipping my sunglasses on when I get into my car at night. Child, there is something wrong with you.

University license plates frames are horribly, jaw-droppingly overpriced. Even if they are logo-ridden and shiny and elegant and impressive-looking.

I like fuzzy socks. And, yes, I am wearing fuzzy socks. Fuzzy socks cheer me up.

My dad thinks my inability to deal with cold temperatures is actually a mental thing. It’s all in your head, he says, tapping his temple and shaking his own head.

I say it’s cold. Leave me alone. And I'm wearing a sweater because shivering hampers my ability to think coherently and write brilliant research papers. Or so I like to believe.

I like being me—stupid new flip-flops, slacker tendencies, and all.