Wednesday, March 12, 2003

ok, i know i need to update, cuz there are WAY WAY WAY so many comments to my last post. lol. Well, ok, I'll just admit it, a lot of them were novel-length comments made by myself and Somayya because, genius children that we are, we didn't think of using email, AIM, or the phone like the sane people do. lol. But who wants to be sane anywayz? Speaking of which, this guy Andy was trying to convince me and Soms today that we who are weird are actually the SANE ones, while it's the rest of the world that's INsane. His argument was that being weird and crazy is actually a good thing, and therefore what is considered abnormal to other people is normal by our standards. Thus, it follows that WE are the sane ones. When I protested, he overrode that with, "No, you don't get it..." and attempted to repeat his argument alllll over again. I countered that with, "No, YOU don't get it...I LIKE calling myself insane!" Needless to say, since the Yaz is always right, I eventually won the debate. lol.

Speaking of debates and other activities that require speaking skillz, my Sociology skit yesterday went off without a hitch, masha'Allah...actually it turned out even better than we hoped! Laughs galore... Was majorly hilarious. Considering the fact that we only met for 45 minutes on Saturday morning and half an hour Monday night to put together the skit and run through our lines, it was pretty damn good, if i do say so myself. Or maybe i don't have to say it, cuz the rest of the class backed up the claim for us. :-D Funny, i kinda miss high school in that, unlike many many other people I know, I actually enjoyed being up in front of the class and doing speeches, presentations, etc. Debates always made me kinda nervous though. But any situation where it's just me and myself and all the rest of the voices in my head, I love it. Maybe I have being the center of attention. hahaha J/K!! Attention makes me nervous...throws me off-guard. The wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of people, that is. (Read my old posts; don't wanna get into that again.) :-p But public speaking is always fun. My dad was soooo annoyed with me all through high school, because I refused to take a public speaking course. "Why must you be so stubborn??" he'd demand. "Public speaking is a skill you'll need throughout your life!" And i'd laugh everytime and dismissively reply, "Why would i need to take a public speaking class when I'm ALREADY good at public speaking? I don't NEED any help in that area." He finally felt vindicated because Nasser and Shereen both took public speaking in high school, smart children that they are. And everytime they came home and discussed their class, our dad would throw these grievous looks at me, as if to say, Why must you be so stubborn and rebellious? I think he felt that I refused to take the class just to spite him. LOL. Who knows...who's to say that wasn't the reason? Maybe it WAS spite on my part, I dunno. I always have hated people telling me what to do. And I've been known to refuse to do (or at least delay doing) something i've intended to do all along just because someone patronizingly told me to do it just before I could get to it myself. Make sense? It's ok if it doesn't. I confuse myself lotsa times too. Especially when I get started on my Let's-Analyze-the-Yaz rolls. :) Speaking of Soc though...this morning was our last meeting for the discussion section (all seven of us, plus our 2 awesome facilitators). I skipped breakfast (as usual *sigh*), and by the time i got here I was starving, so I stopped by the grocery store to get doughnuts. But then I saw the display of cupcakes, and of course I immediately thought of the "interracial diversity cupcakes" and inwardly laughed. So I bought the yummy cupcakes instead, and took them to the Soc discussion. So Alex did get his diversity cupcakes after all! LOL. The discussion was interesting, needless to say, cuz at the end we had to go around one-by-one and say what we appreciated about both our lecture and discussion, what we wanted everyone to know, what we learned from this course, etc. And then it was the facilitators turn, and they said something about how i'm always wearing this "gorgeous smile" and how i have this "vibrant personality" and something something something...I deliberately forgot, cuz it's good not to get big-headed. And i already have so much self-confidence that sometimes it comes off as arrogance, I think. :-p lol. But yeah, i was sitting there allll blushing. For reals. hahahah. Hilarious. Aaaaahhhhh. It's the attention thing again, I'm telling you! Compliments throw me off-guard too. I think i did a post about this once. Don't remember.

Hmmm, speaking of posts, according to my archives, I have been at this whole blogging deal since February 1, 2003. Which is almost a month and a half. Wow, feels longer. Feels like I've known all you regular visitors to my blog way longer than that, yup. What's even scarier is that yesterday i scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the screen to read some old posts and discovered the site meter that I had pasted in and then forgotten all about. LOL. That's not the scary part though. The scary part is that there have been...2156 visits to my site since i started my blog. Holy freakin smoley...!! Whoa. I mean, who ARE all you people, and where did you come from??? hahahaha. Dang, man. 'S all good though. I'm majorly flattered that people even stop by to read all the crazy things i write. ok, so once in a long while i post things that are thought-provoking, but if you ask me, most of the stuff on here is insane/crazy/psychotic/weird to the max, so i'm just WOW about the fact that people actually take the time to read it all and comment and stuff. So yeah... Thanks, y'all, for stopping by. You are always very very welcome. Especially if you've got weirdness to contribute. Like paint- and glue-sniffing. hahahah. And halaal crack. And let's not forget the various chocolate and french fries and ice cream addictions. And crayons. :)

Speaking of crayons...ok, I swear, this is the last thing I'm going to talk about, and then I promise to shut up. It's just that I keep forgetting to post about this, so i might as well get to it this time. So a few days before my birthday, Somayya asked me, "Yaz, what do you want for your birthday?" I propped my elbows on the table, stuck my chin in my hands, looked at her sadly, and replied, "You know, i had such a deprived childhood... Cuz all I ever wanted was a 64-pack of crayons with a built-in sharpener, and I never got one..." Actually, i've been telling people this for like a year. It's my own personal joke. ;) Fast-forward to March 1st and Somayya saying, "Yaz, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna give you a delayed birthday present, but i know you're gonna absolutely LOVE it!!" Two days later, i offer to loan her my car cuz i know she has errands to run...didn't even think to ask where she was off to. Handed her my keys and told her which computer lab i was gonna be chillin in (ummm, writing a paper, I mean. :-D ) An hour later, she busts in with a gift bag containing a hecka cute card ("Happy 6th Birthday!" it says. hahaha) and guess very own 96-pack of crayons with the built-in sharpener. Yupyup, she went way beyond the call of duty. HAHAHAHA. I'm so in love with this thing. Haven't had time to put it to use yet, but once my finals are over and spring break is here, I'm gonna be chillin with the crayons, insha'Allah. Who wants a pretty picture from the Yaz to decorate their fridge with? Me, me!!...