Thursday, July 24, 2003

"sometimes sanity takes vacation time on me..."

I've just turned in what could be, by my standards, quite accurately categorized as the worst paper I've ever written in my life (this includes anything I wrote in elementary school too).

Funny thing is, I don't even give a damn.
And that, indeed, is the key to true happiness and a lifetime of minimal stress: not letting the trivial get to you.
How 'bout you go practice that for today.

Actually, I need to practice my own philosophy right now, because I'm sitting in the computer lab, struggling to keep my temper in check as this couple next to me goes over their online Spanish homework really, really loudly. I'm seriously contemplating bopping them over the head with my nice, shiny Pringles container if they keep it up for much longer. At least it'll make me laugh, and that's all I'm after today.

Got another paper due today: ten pages, in by 4 p.m. That's five hours. And I haven't even started, yo. You think I can pull this off? Send some du'as my way. :)

Just a couple notes:

- Lots of du'as out to Sana, who'll soon be leaving for the Deen-Intensive's al-Rihla Summer Program being held in New Mexico. I'd like to go next year, insha'Allah. Zaytuna's proximity to my own home has allowed me to appreciate the institute's impact on the lives of Muslims here in the Bay Area. Much of our Muslim presence and involvement in the Bay stems from Zaytuna and the amount of effort that Shaykh Hamza Yusuf has put into educating our community, both Muslim as well as non-Muslim, about Islam. So Rihla is my goal for next year, insha'Allah. I'd ask Sana to smuggle me along in her luggage, but considering the fact that I'm closer to New Mexico than she is, the logistics might not work out. :) In any case... Sana: May your experiences at Rihla increase you in knowledge and guidance, and enhance your love for Allah SWT and the Deen. And may we all, insha'Allah, be blessed with similar opportunities to further our Islamic knowledge. Ameen.

- In case you missed it, go read the short story that Abez has written. Masha'Allah, the sister's got amazing writing skills. :)

Okay, the Espanol-homework people are gone, so I can go back to eating my Pringles instead of giving in to my kindergarten reflexes and using the canister as a potential weapon. And, oh yes, the paper...

Be good, kiddos. Fi aman'Allah.