Saturday, March 15, 2003

ehhh, studying for finals is so boring, man. Don't worry, ya'll are not missing out at all. :-p I went up to Davis today to study for physics and was SEMI-productive. <--Lotsa stress on the "SEMI" part. hahaha. Anywayz, as I was leaving, Somayya called out after me, "You better go home and STUDY! If I see you online today, i'm gonna KILL YOU!" So, because I value my life, I will refrain signing onto AIM (it's not like i've been on AIM for over a week anywayz. Pssshhhhh). And because i'm kinda sorta...uhhhh...out of things to talk about (i bet y'all thought the day would NEVER come, huh??), i'm just gonna paste something in below. I was cleaning out the "sent messages" folder in my email account, and came across the following excerpt from an an email i sent to a friend last June (oh so long ago), the week after i finished finals for spring quarter and was sitting around enjoying my summer break. It's kinda about physics (isn't everything these days?). Shoot, i need laughs, y'all need laughs, and i love making people laugh. So it's kinda long. So who cares? You should be used to it by now. :-D Funny crackhead story:

Deval and I had our physics final scheduled for last Thursday, so on Wednesday she wanted to meet me in the morning at the Borders in Davis to study, instead of on campus. According to Deval, she can't study at the library anymore, cuz it's too distracting, plus she supposedly feels "intimidated" by all the hardcore study-ers. lol. I was like, "What the hell?? Borders?? You expect me to study for my damn final at a freakin' BOOKSTORE??" I moaned and groaned about it, but finally went along. lol. So we settle down at one of the little tables in the Borders cafe, and after about 15 minutes, Deval starts rolling her eyes and glaring cuz she thinks the two girls at the table next to us are talking too loud for her taste. So she packs up all her stuff and stalks off to a table as far away from ours as she can get...and wouldn't ya know it, the girls get up to leave like exactly 5 seconds after Deval finishes depositing all her stuff at her new table. haha. She sits downs, busts out with her notes again, looks up, and goes, wtf?? It was like the classic double-take. haha. I was like, nya nya na na na. That's what ya get, sucka!! lol. So then she packs everything up again and drags it back to my table and drops it on the tabletop, distracting me and every other person in the cafe in the process, so I was all irritated. I was like, "What the hell are you doing?? I coulda gotten way more studying done at the damn library!" She's all, "Sorry, sorry!" and we settle down to study again.

Then the funny part comes, cuz these 3 people walk in as a group...this hella tall black guy with a huge afro, this scruffy-looking white dude with HELLA LONG hair (except for this huge bald spot on top of his head. haha), and this BEAUTIFUL woman who looks half black, half white. I swear, the woman was really beautiful...she looked all elegant and everything. Deval and I were like, WOWWW. lol. All three of 'em were probably in their 40s-50s. They sat down at the table directly behind us, and just started talking away, and after a while, when their conversation starting filtering itself into our consciousness, Deval and I were just like, ohhh my god. lol. First of all, the white dude was sitting in the chair back-to-back with mine, like 2 inches away, and after 3 minutes of conversation he just started rocking back and forth in his chair all of a sudden. So his chair was all scraping and banging against the floor, and I was like, HELLO! I'm trying to freakin' study here! Then the beautiful lady starts sounding all loony and talking about these spirits she sees and TALKS to on a regular basis. Yeah. lol. Then to top it all off...The black guy interrupts her monologue and announces all seriously, "I think it's time for my medication." At which point, I just started cracking up. haha. It's hella hard to stifle your laughter when people so obviously insane and hilarious are sitting 2 feet away. *sigh* But I tried. I really did. Although I don't think I did a very good job of it. I just sat there all cross-legged on my chair with my shoulders hunched over and laughed into my physics notes. hahaha. Deval pulled my physics binder towards her and scribbled on the back of my notes, "This is why you don't do drugs. Cuz after doing it enough, you're gonna be like them at 60." It was hilarious though, cuz these people were really starting to get to her. lol. After a while, she writes, "Omg, that guy is staring at me. I'm scared!" lol. I wrote back, "Which guy? The black one or the dude that keeps shaking his damn chair?" She underlined, "The black one," so I wrote, "Well at least that one fool stopped moving his chair though!" She writes, "I think he took his pill too." hahaha. That totally set me off on another round of laughter. lol. After another while, Deval writes, "They won't stop staring! I'm scared of them! What if they stalk me home? Yaz, what if we turn out like them when we're old?" I scrawled back, "Don't worry, Deval...We're gonna be JUST like them when we're 60 years old! And the best part is...we won't even NEED drugs to get that way!!!! :) hahahaha." She didn't seem quite as amused as I was though. hehe. The psycho people stuck around for like an hour, so needless to say, we didn't get jack done while they were there. lol.

So we did our stupid studying for another couple hours or so. Actually, altogether, we were there from 11:30 am to 4 pm. It was crazy! It was kinda weird studying at Borders instead of the library, but I guess I could get used to it after a while. As long as I don't run into any more crackheads the next time I'm there. lol. There was this funny moment when some little 5 year old girl, carrying a couple of unpaid books from Borders, walked out of the store, clearly looking for her mother. The scanners and alarms went off, and everyone was like, What the hell?? The girl got all scared and ran back inside the store, setting off the alarms a second time. Haha. Deval looks across the table at me and announces, "There goes your daughter, Yaz!" lol. Yeah, that's right, forget the cheesy smile...the first thing I'm gonna do is teach my kids how to successfully jack books from Borders. haha j/k. Turn 'em into little kleptomaniacs. lol. That'd be so bad, omg. Never mind, I was JUST KIDDING!!

Moral of the story: Never study at Borders. ;)